A clever plan

My wife and I have ** once a week. Twice a week if I am lucky. Recently it's been 2 months. At first it was due to my crazy work schedule. I would work long hours and by the time I got home she would be asleep. I would hint at ** on my day off but since it's summer kids are home all day. At night she would say something like she wasn't feeling it or her stomach was hurting or something else. So I just stopped asking and started **. No problem. I would just not ask and make her ask me.

So 3 weeks go by. She starts hinting at wanting **. I don't give in. I want her to make the first move for a change. She starts having ** dreams during which she ends up naked and masturbating in her sleep. She wakes up ** as ** but I'm dead asleep and have to be at work early.

Another couple weeks go by and she asks me if I'm ** someone else. I tell her no. She asks then why am I not having ** with her. I tell her it's just because of work and kids and stuff. She tells me that we need to have ** soon or she will have to do something about it. I ask if she meant masturbating. She said, "Yeah maybe." She doesn't ** hardly at all. At least not that I have seen and when I ask she says no.

So three days ago I'm set to work another long shift. I had help and we were unnaturally slow so I got to take the evening off. I headed home. I walk in the side door and into the living room. There she is naked in the living room riding her friends **. She was sweaty all over. Her hair was drenched in sweat. She was sitting on his ** facing away from him. Her big ** and her big belly were bouncing. She was ** her ** to an ** as he ** her. She was saying, "Oh god. Yes like that. Oh god I'm still cuming. Your ** feels so good baby."

This was what I wanted to see. I've asked her what her fantasies are and she never says anything. I had a feeling she wanted to ** him but just didn't want me to be mad if she said something. It was incredibly hot. I acted like I was mad and said, "So what is this?" She looked at me and said, "I told you I would take things into my own hands."

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  • If I was your wife, I would ask did you want to join, watch, or do you want him to leave so that I can ** the dog ** out of you.

  • If I was your wife and you caught me ** this guy....I'd think the only way I'd learn is if you took me over your knee and spanked me. Don't let a woman out there tell you she doesn't like to be spanked...even in play...just saying, boys.

  • Good idea, will try this with my wife. Id love to find her being ** by another man

  • Its your fault, you made her do it. Sorry about that. Everyone needs **.

  • 1. **! 2. He wanted it.

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