I stole money from my father

Almost nine years ago, when I was desperate for money during the summer break and had no job or a savings account I took a dark path and stole money from my father's wallet. At first I just started taking only twenty dollars, but after five weeks or so, the situation began to become worse as I started stealing more than just twenty dollars. When the summer ended, I totaled out the amount of money I had stole, and it rounded out to $132.34. I never told him or anyone what I had done, but I thought once I got a job for the weekend that I could pay him back the money. After a while I sort of forgot about it and just went along with progress. The cause of this coming back to haunt me was that today I started thinking to myself of all the things that I have stolen over the years. I ruled out the money stealing as the top five on my list, the other four was me stealing loose change from my best friend's bedroom, stealing a fresh ticket from his backpack, taking one of his movies without permission, and lastly embezlling twenty dollars from work. I know that stealing is one of the prime sins of the ten commandments, but I have been setting myself on a path to correcting my livelyhood, and the first step to that is paying back my father the money I stole from him nine years ago, then repent for my sin. Thank you for reading my confession.

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  • Hi Guys, i actually stole more than $5000 (aud) from my dad and kept on lying to him until he found out the truth. I’am very ashamed that i did that and nobody wanna talk to me and every small thing being missing in the house is being flushed on me. Please help
    Thank you

  • I've stolen money from my father last Friday we went to the ATM machine he told me to check his account to see how much is on there it was 625 dollars on theremy mind was telling me to only take twenty but I stole more than twenty I stole fourty now today he's going to the bank to find out where the money went I feel like I'm gonna go to prison if he goes to the bank I don't know what to do

  • I stole $200 from my Dads wallet, and I have no idea what to do. I know he won't notice it gone. But its itching at the back of my mind

  • I stole $7 from my sister and bought some shoes online and i want to tell her but i'm scared i will get punished

  • Please pray for me...i stole today

  • Hey nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes! Now you realise it the real test now is to not do it again. :-)

  • I just stole 150$ from my dad so I could buy stuff for League Of Legends. He had a ton of money in a small Paper thing.What should I do? do you think he will notice, I think they were at least $ 1,000 In the paper thing.

  • I've just done that, I don't know whether to feel bad or not. I feel like a bad person

  • O stole 90 pounds and my dad is looking for it i didnt tell him what should i do

  • i have stolen over 4500 euro's from my dad maybe more...
    how do i handle this? my dad is onto me but he doesent want to beleve that his only son steals from him...

    WHAT DO I DO????

    i stole like 800euro's today so i could buy a new pc...

  • I used to steal all the time what a rush, I still do at times but I've gotten better at controlling myself now. Just try not to, think of all the trouble you can get into.

  • Stealing is like an addiction. . .when you get caught, you will stop. . .I did!

  • If you find that you can't directly pay back the people you stole from, at least donate some money to charity. Then at least you'll be helping people who are down on THEIR luck before they get desperate enough to steal from others.

    And I hope that I can be a good enough father where, if my son ever needs money badly, he can at least come ask me.

  • You're welcome. And er... I think confessing it to the people you stole from shal relieve you too.

    Have you asked yourself the question: why do I steel al this stuf? (What do you get from it while it makes you feel so bad?)

    Good luck!

  • I just stole $181 from my step dad not even real dad what do I do plz halp????

  • Some one help me I took it to buy the new Kobe iiv
    Poison dark frogs purple yellow and black

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