Tempted to steal from my father

Yesterday I almost took $5 dollars from my father, while we were out running errands. He loaned me $40 to buy groceries, and I spent about $39.80 leaving only $10.20 in change left. I became tempted to take just $5 dollars for spending money. I gave my father back only half the amount of what I had and held onto the remaining $5 dollars for myself. In the middle of the afternoon, my conscience and instinct told me that what I was doing was in violation of the ten commandments and breaking my vow of service to God. I gave back the 5 dollars to my father and confessed my actions to him up front. I know that what I did was in exusable, but I couldn't disgrace myself in commiting a sin in stealing my from my own father. I only ask to God for forgiveness, and I repent for my actions in commiting sin.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • You need to ask forgiveness from the math gods. hahaha

  • would you ever steal dez nuts?

  • Wow calm down. Your human you'll do "bad" things thats what people do.

  • $40 - $39.80 = $0.20 not $10.20 learn math?

  • Maybe she meant $50, not $40.

  • Maybe "she" needs to put down the buybull and pick up a math book! That wasn't a typo. OP is an idiot. Stop making excuses.

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