im a guy whos really inlove with my

im a guy whos really inlove with my best friend. we've been best mates for about 2 years now and we've never looked back. she knows that i love her, i tell her all the time. and she tells me that she loves me aswell. i have the odd girlfriend and she has the odd boyfriend, but my girlfriends never even compare to what i feel with my best friend. we always hang out and we're really close. problem is i have to move away next year (for a year) due to my university studies. and i really think she is wife marterial because my family adores her and her family adores me. and im only 18 and im thinking like this!!! if i go away to continue my studies, i could lose contact with the woman i love and i couldnt bare that to happen.

i just wish there was a way for me to express my feelings towards her that i love her alot more deeply than just friends. because im not sure if she loves me more than a friend. im just worried that ill ruin everything and make it aquward and id lose the woman i love... but if she does love me the same way i love her, i have a life partner ... hmm decisions decisions.

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  • I thin you have been watching too many movies , you need to man up and tell her have nothing to lose i think what you are afraid of is rejection , some women are not stupid.....they or she already knows you feel that way , but if you have been trying to play the nice guy she may cut you down .....don't get her drunk , just tell her....

  • If you so tell her, be prepared for some serious repercussions. Most likely, you will end up losing a good friendship, but that seems like a risk worth taking. At least you would live your life with no regrets, and who knows, you may get what you have always wanted.

  • tell her how you feel and keep in contact.

  • tell her how you feel. if it's real, it'll last even while you are away from one another. remember there are vacations to come home on.

  • get her drunk and then take advantage of it!

  • Agree with 4

  • slide it in and see what happens...

  • if its meant to be, it will. Go do your thing and come back

  • tell her ya feelings and that you think she could be your wife someday but tell her youre both young and you need to do ya uni thing etc if she likes ya shell be around when u get back, just keep in contact with her

  • Come on man!!! she's only 18...let her have her fun..

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