True love

That I am in love with another man. I have been for over 2 yrs. He makes me happy. He loves me just the way I am. He adores my children. But, I'm married.

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  • Did you care to read what you wrote? Your married and been in love with someone else for two years? He adores your children. You are seriously a piece of **, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Your so busy worrying about yourself, that one, your husband has been metally and emotional left by you. And what about your kids? How are they dealing with the fact that you dont love your husband, trust me, kids pick things up. Why didnt you get a divorce? Are you one of those sad lonely woman with no job and you live off your husband . Waiting for prince charming to save you? Wake up, this is the life you chose! Plus you dont really know this other man, never lived with him, or seen what hes like while your a happy person. Gosh I hate woman that sound like you. NO WONDER WE ARE CALLED THE WEAKER OF THE **'S. You had vows and childen, what do you teach your kids about following though ? GET A CLUE AND GROW UP!

  • One word..Divorce

  • Be discrete and don't disrupt your family. Enjoy the affection but don't ruin your own current marrage. Things gett ugly fast.

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