Where is God???

I am so sick and tired of the same ole same ole God gives everything that we need. Well with all do respect I think that, that is a bunch of bull. I am so tired of hearing the same ole line of how bad life is and how to fight but honestly I have been fighting for a very long time and I cannot even get a single blessing. I started off with two degrees, a great job, and a nice car. I spent most of the funds that I made for the poor. Many children who had nothing got something when they came to me. Now it seems like over night I lost everything. I have always been a great believer in God. I have spent countless hours helping people to come to Christ but now I have no car to take kids to church anymore. I had to quit my job because of my illness, and my dreams and future were lost in a matter of minutes. I have been cheated, and cheated, and cheated. I am sick and tired of being on this battlefield. I pray and I pray but I hear nothing from God. However, here comes Satan. OH MAN!!! He makes things sound so damn tempting. He tells me things that my mind wants to here. He offers me things that I have been praying for such a long time. I really dont know what to do. I have thougtht to do bad things in life and use my education to benefit the streets. That way I will have some since of comfort that I am doing something. It seems like everytime I do wrong or encourage my young people to do wrong things get so much better. I feel like I was simply created to amuze God. I am his torturer. I honestly thinks that he loves to see me suffer. I have been through some tough s*** for the past ten years, and the only thing my family can tell me is Wait on the Lord. S**** That!!! I am tired of suffering in pain. Noone listens to me and I am quite honestly sick of it.

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  • Ole ole ole

  • Be patient and stop looking so hard. God will witness to you when you least expect it! Try to not get down or over expecting just let life come to you and God will reveal himself to you before you know what hit you! It is sort of like seeing the forest for the trees if that makes sense. He loves us all-Angels are all around us & believe me I was the biggest skeptic of anyone I know. You know that mc-hammer, all kinds of sports and Hollywood stars have turned their life over to the Lord? A lot of country music and even rock-and-roll makes numerous references to biblical phrases. It is so simple but it will be in our creator's timing not exactly as you expect it. Stay open minded & resist the temptation and harm as much as possible. We all sinners but that's why he forgive us-for loyalty and believe in your heart-makes sense?

  • Re: simplest explanation,

    What you're describing is "Pascal's Wager". (look it up)

    The only way to be certain, is to do the research. Find out where all the stories, tales and miracles in the wholley babble came from. You'll find that they all originate from a mix of dozens of earlier cultures.

    Everything in that book had been done by other "gods" thousands of years before being re-written and made "holy" as the word of yet another made-up god.

  • Wow , i feel like this so much sometimes i read things in the Bible that God has done for others and it is depressing. I want god the same way you seem to , to work out miracles and to keep his word. i would ignore these people that don't seem to know the first thing about truly seeking God and just hold on to your faith , i keep a prayer journal and i share with god the brutal honest truth , both the good the bad and the ugly...i think you are on the right track , if you are being more honest with god......

  • Ever heard that is!!

  • The simplest explanation that I have never heard is a conversation as follows: a Christian friend "do you know God through Jesus?" Nonbeliever: "that's a bunch of foolishness." Christian friend: "what if you are wrong." Nonbeliever: "I will go to h*** for being the best person I can-than God isn't fair." Christian friend: "are you certain?"Nonbeliever: "of course not nobody knows for sure!" Christian friend: "if I am right then I am certain of my eternity." Nonbeliever: "so what?" Christian friend: I wouldn't want to BU and will pray for you!" Nonbeliever) "whatever." There is only one way to be certain inside your own mind & believe me you don't want to be wrong. By the way: I was the nonbeliever until the Lord woke me up and I will pray for all of you nonbeliever's. Just take a moment and think about how many prophecies had been fulfilled from the Bible and what is happening in the world-that's all I asked of myself at first and once I woke up it was all to clear. The enemy is doing his best to fool everybody. And believe me I was the biggest doubter-just like many of you. Thanks for reading and asking

  • god LOL

    Aren't you people a little old for imaginary friends?

  • ^^ Mother Theresa got off on other people's suffering, because she thought it got her closer to something holy!

  • Life is a real struggle but doing bad things isn't the answer. It never works out and while it is a release for a time it's a double blade that's bound to cut you. God helps, he certainly does. He's answered so many of my prayers in different ways that aren't always apparent to me. Have faith, but expect to carry your own weight because each of us has our own. We can't expect to be rewarded for failure or for inconsistency. God never turned away from the world, the world turned its back on him. Keep on in your struggle and your plights will eventually evaporate, and i'm sure even the memory of them.

  • There is always a time in life were people feel a lack of God.
    Even Mother Teresa did, but she kept her faith and helped others to the same, even when she felt the void. Your biggest problem would seem to be you like things so much you talk about you car, and how you can't drive your kids to church, so walk, take a bus, use a bike, they're ways. And remember God doesn't put us through things we can't handle.
    Even if we need help from others, we can get through anything.

  • God does does have a name it's Jehovah and i like you have felt this way. all religions same name. find your self and don't put a time dead line on it. i'm still looking and it's been 20 plus years. i don't do wrong but i don't try to preach either, i'm trying to believe in something that never answers me ! all people and all religions have faults nobody is perfect. that's why i think as long as your a good person if there is a ( god ) he will forgive !

  • sometimes you just need to believe that 'everything happens for a reason' and move on.. just cause things are hard or dont work out doesnt mean its god's fault. if anyone wants to see you succeed its god, why else would he bother creating life? to see its destruction? i think not. maybe if you had some faith things would work out better for you.

  • "We're sorry, the deity you are trying to reach has been disconnected. Please hang up and try your prayer again."

  • An old Calvin and Hobbs cartoon: 4 panles
    panle 1 Calvin is looking up into the night sky
    panel 2 Calvin screams: "I AM SIGNIFICANT" into the night sky
    Panel 3 Calvin is looking back up at the night sky
    Panel 4 Calvin whispers' 'screamed the dust speck'

    Welcome to reality dust speck

  • you need help. god is good. life isn't meant to be all wine and roses.
    me me me me me

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