I hate my job

I absolutely hate my job and my life right now. I'm stuck here for at least a year in a profession that makes me sick to my stomach everyday, that causes me unbelievable stress and countless hours of work, and often times leaves my crying on my way home in the car at night...sometimes even in the morning going to work. I'm getting paid nowhere close to my level of worth and they know it, and I absolutely hate it here (city, atmosphere, culture, etc.). I gave up a lot of promising opportunities within my field of study that pay twice what I'm making now because I knew I needed to grow and challenge myself. And while it is challenging and I've learned a great deal and my colleagues truly appreciate my work, I still can't help but hear my alarm go off in the morning and have my first thought be dreading the day ahead...dreading every second of wasting my life right now not doing something I have interest in. I can't even talk to anyone about how I feel or how frustrating it is to absolutely hate having to stomach each day of work when my colleagues went to school for this field of study/profession - I honestly don't know how they do it or how they would ever want this for themselves. I'm almost to the point where I can't even focus anymore on the tasks at hand at work (and my god they have abused the h*** out of my incredible work ethic to say the least) because I'm getting stuck on how much I truly despise every second I'm wasting. Meanwhile my friends are in fields they enjoy, they have lives they enjoy, they laugh and have fun and I feel like I'm stuck hating every move I make until I can part ways with my contract. I still have 5 more months until I've fulfilled my initial one year agreement, but I feel like crap everyday coming to work and smiling at my colleagues knowing that they have no idea how much I hate all of it and being there. I just feel so alone, so lost, stuck, angry, frustrated, stressed, annoyed, unhappy and regretful.

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  • If you absolutely have to stay, make yourself a winner, somehow. You sound like you already feel so terrible about the situation, and you don't need to prove it to yourself any further, and definitely not to anyone else. This will sound very cliched, but don't let it get to your soul. Don't allow yourself to waste your life- that is a crime, but sometimes all it takes is a change of mindset, the courage to accept what you have at hand and deal with it, to make that time worth living. This is much more easily said than done, but find something that you can get out of this. Write about it, for example- a daily glimpse into the life of someone doing what you do, the kind of people you have to deal with- and get it out somewhere, even if on a blog. Find a useful life skill that doing what you do gives you, and completely master it. I can't say I know how you feel, but I loathe my job and what my long, hard hours of study and practice have come to, but I try to make it worth it with seemingly very silly, but really invaluable things- these days I'm teaching myself to memorize numbers by sight, to practice mental math whenever I have the chance. I listen to audio books while driving to work. And since I'm working so hard anyway and the craphole I live in offers nothing interesting to do, I use that to get so much done. Even if I'm spending 85% of my time doing what I hate, in my head it's only about 50%, even less- my real energy is in those other things, in the very few evening hours I spend doing what I love and becoming a better person. Outsiders might see it as surrender, and the real challenge is allowing yourself to be a loser on the outside but a winner on the inside.
    Just five more months.

  • However bad you think it is there's always someone who has it worse. What about the people who have families to support and haven't worked in over a year? What about the college grad whose only job offer was at a shoe store? What about the unemployed mother with young children about to be evicted because she can't afford to pay the rent?
    I'm not saying what you're feeling isn't as important, just putting things in perspective. You're not alone. Everyday I wake up and head to a menial job well beneath my educational and capability level. I listen to my co workers b**** about how much they hate their jobs, but the minute the lay offs start they start praying it won't be them. I count myself lucky to have a job and have benefits. That's something a lot of people don't have right now.

  • You're never stuck. It may feel that way, but you always have a choice. Your choice is that you tough it out or you break your contract and get some other job (temp or something unrelated to what you're doing) to survive. Don't let your job control your life. Make time for yourself, it's important. Use the next 5 months to get things ready for your departure. It may help you power through to know the end is in sight. Contact the other opportunities you mentioned. Update and send out your resume, contact headhunters etc. To make your life tolerable - leave at 5 or 6, take a lunch, work out, really make an effort to go out with friends and enjoy your life.

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