Why I love my wife

My wife and I have been married 8 years. I'm 36 and she is 34. She is 5'5" and 130 lbs. She isn't skinny and isn't fat. Soccer chick build. Amazing ass, thick muscular thighs and calves, firm and perky d cup b******, great personality, flirty. She doesn't shave her armpits the colder half of the year. She keeps her p**** trimmed but not shaved. Basically about an inch on either side of her p**** lips and a landing strip above. Best of both worlds imo.

So the other day we had a pool party. The kids were out of the house for the weekend. It was mainly friends. My wife has always been the one to show her butt (literally) to people or go topless regardless of who is around. She came shooting out of the pool and lost her bikini bottom. She didn't notice at first. A guy friend of ours said, "Hey Pam, you lost something there." She looked down and saw that she didn't have any bottom on. She left her legs locked and bent over to grab her bottom from the pool. I was sitting a few feet from Mark. You could clearly see her p**** from her bending over. She looked back and said, "Like what you see?" He stammered a bit and then said, "Uh yeah. Jake you are a lucky man." She said, "There some good p**** there. Tight and wet. Isn't it honey?" I said, "Sure is babe."

Pam said, "You should come over here and take a test drive." Mark looked at me. Pam turned around and took off her top. She walked up to us. She was a few feet away. She just stood there completely nude drinking a beer. She said, "You don't want to?" He said, "Lord do I." She said, "So take your d*** out and do it!" He said, "And your husband wouldn't care?"

I said, "Wouldn't bother me but you wouldn't want to stop if you did." Pam got tired of waiting for mark so she grabbed his swim trucks with both hands and yanked them off in one move. There he sat with a hard 7 inch c***. Pam said, "Hmm. Not bad. Not the biggest I've had. Bigger than jake." Mark said, "Bigger? How big are you jake?" I didn't say anything. Pam said, "He's about 5 or so. Show him honey." I stood up and took off my trunks.

Pam turned away from Mark and sat down in his lap. He slid his c*** inside her. He let out an "Oh god that really is nice." She said, "You like that p****? Does it feel good?" He said, "It's amazing. So you said I'm not the biggest. How big was the biggest." She said, "Probably Stephen. A guy I work with. He was pretty big. Like 10 I think." He said, "A guy you work with? How long ago was this?" She said, "Couple weeks ago." He said, "You two ARE married right?" She said, "Yes dear." He said, "But you have s** with other men?" She said, "Yep. Jake is awesome. I love that man."

Jun 29, 2016

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  • Your wife is a w****. Control that s***, she's like a damn college s***.

  • If that is what works for the two of them. Who are you to call his wife a w****?

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