Naked at public shower

So I've been going naked a lot at home because it turns me on very much. Now I took it a step further lol.
We have mixed showers at the tennisclub and usually no girls shower there cause you can just do it at home. So twice now Ive showered there. Everytime I really make sure there is noone there of my age because for some reason that feels really awkward. Then I basically wait for the showers to be empty and go shower.
I get really excited hoping someone will go in but when they do I always feel like immediately leaving. I resist it and then I get more comfortable and I feel warm all over my body and cant think straight anymore. Just knowing these old men are looking at me feels super exciting and strange.

I do feel like a bit of a weirdo doing it and I feel ashamed a bit afterwards but also excited and want to do it more and in different ways.

so thats my confession lol

Jul 2, 2016

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  • Im a guy and ive had similar experiences. I went away with a big band and we stayed in a dorm. The thing is, no one told us there where no seperate showers for men for and women. I would go shower when I was fairly sure some girls would walk in and they did. It was awesome because these where all good friends who had never seen each other naked before.
    One time when I was camping I got up early to shower to beat the rush. There where four showers at the end of the building and then you had to go outside in a towel and go around the side to enter the washroom area to get dressed. I dont know why but I went in the wrong washroom. Stood there in the ladies room stark naked. Couldnt figure out why a couple of girls came in but I liked it.

  • Ive never been naked in front of riends before because I think it would be weird but at the same time Im not sure why. Having people watch me is just my thing I guess...

  • Too funny. My hot older sister was a teacher, and, I helped her out with all sorts of stage and auditorium stuff. We'd usually shower up at the school after building sets, painting, etc, and, she commented one time about the "farty old janitor guys watching her in the open showers and acting like they didn't know I was there". Happened often enough it became a teasing game with her; She'd wait until one of them either asked us when we'd be done, or, were close enough that they'd clean the locker rooms and showers soon. Her only joking worry was that she'd "give one of those geezers a heart attack watching me soap up in the shower".

    I joined her a few times, but naturally...The old janitor guys didn't come in. I wanted to see their reaction seeing us both in there.

  • How long do you shower?

  • Depends how long it takes for someone to show up lol

  • Enjoy and let others enjoy. The human body is beautiful.

  • I bet the old men really appreciate you.

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