I am a total and complete loser

I feel like I should tattoo a big "L" on my forehead because that is exactly what I am. A total and complete loser who has no life and no real friends. I am worthless.

Jul 3, 2016

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  • You are not worthless! I'm in my 40's. I have really great friends, however most of them have moved away, gotten married, have children or are just busy. I've also had to part with some friends because we just grew apart. I agree with the comment below about how we have all this technology, but it makes it hard to really connect with people. I realize that if you do want to make solid friendships, you do need to put the effort in. You have to call or text and set some thing up. But there are also so many avenues now that you can take advantage of too. Meetup.com is great, find a group that you like or even start your own. Take classes when you can.. either exercise classes at a gym or art classes etc. There are two other websites that can be great for connecting with others: exercisefriends.com. Craigslist.org - platonic section. Volunteering somewhere could also be something worthwhile for you. It may give you some purpose and you may also meet some cool people. The best way to try and start a friendship is suggest going to coffee or meeting up sometime later for dinner or whatever. Best of luck to you!!!

  • All good ideas, thanks. I will certainly try but the problem is I'm shy and introverted.

  • Well just try something that you are comfortable with and look for smaller groups. Or do something one on one. Lots of people are shy and introverted and I totally understand, it can be paralyzing to do things on your own. But sometimes you have to challenge yourself. One idea to help you break out of your shell may be to consider hypnotism...

  • You are NOT worthless! Real friends are hard to come by, I'm 50 and can count mine on one hand. The rest either used me, or betrayed me or stole from me. They are the losers not me and NOT YOU! You will find someone eventually I promise you. Could you move, would you want to?

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