So I met this amazing girl and I fell for her right away. I relate to very few people and like even less of them, so when I met a girl who I liked being around and could relate to who also liked me back I was so happy. So we go on a date and it was great we talked and had fun it was a success I'd say. Then the second time we hangout I find out she had a thing for a long time with this total loser from my old school. Normally I'd over look it for her because we all make mistakes. She tells me he mistreated her and was horrible to her but they still talk all the time! Now I feel like a worthless loser becaue I'm losing to this guy and literally it has destroyed my confidence to the point where I get self conscious around my family. I keep thinking everyone is going to figure out I'm essentially worthless and do just what she did keep me around just as another possession and not give a damn about me in the slightest. I'm just upset becaue I still want her and I feel even worse because with my destroyed confidence I don't have a shot in h*** anymore.

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