My ex wifes first stupid statement

I had just married my wife and we were planning to have children. One day while we were out walking she siad she only wanted a boy for a child. She said that if she got pregnant with a girl she would have an abortion and that I must support her decision.

My response was this.

If you ger pregnant with my child and you abort it because its a girl then I'll divorce your sorry little ass. Time went by and things got worse and I divorced the little monster.

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  • .......sometimes....a b**** just need a beating......................

  • I do actually believe this story. I think you made the right choice to leave. Something wasn't right with that one. Was her hotness factor equal to her crazy factor?

  • She didn't say this until after we were married in fact she even had a girls name picked out in case she did have a daughter. I believe she was a bit unhinged but her symptoms didn't show up until a few months into our marriage. Later on she demanded that we name our son after a man she had had the hots for before we got married and threatened to divorce me if I disagreed. Time went on. She made fun of a friend of mine who had a limp due to a bad injury and then she made fun of his daughter by imitating the childs bad overbite. I started cussing her out and she tried to slap me but I blocked it and pushed her down on the bed and while she was laying there she screamed out "I hate your g****** family".

    I never had s** with her again and two months later our marriage was history. I think insanity runs in her family but I had no idea while we were courting.

    As for being pretty she was a petite cute looking brunette with a decent college education. She was clean, artistic and when she wanted to be she was pleasant enough. Something happened and a s**** came loose in her head. I couldn't stand it any longer so goodbye.

    She begged me to come back to her but I did not. The last I heard she was married to some crack brained ex drug abuser who has to take a line of meds a yard long.

  • You dodged a bullet!!!

  • I don't believe you and this story.

  • Good thing you got out, what an unfeeling psycho...and abortion for the "wrong" gender? I couldn't have an abortion for any reason at all, babies are so precious, all of them.

  • My ex wanted a boy to, he was fanatical about it. I don't miss him at all, he was a complete a******. Cheers to getting out :)

  • Good for you lady.

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