Think one of my managers suspects me of faking being sick.

I have, what I always refer to as my "not going to work days". On days where I just don't feel like going to work, I'll call in and say I can't come in because I'm sick. Today, however, I swear, I called in sick for a very valid reason and no, I'm not actually sick. Yesterday, I was scheduled to work outside from 11:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. pushing carts. While I was pushing carts, it became unbearably hot. I drank four bottles of Gatorade and even poured a 20 oz bottle of water on my head but that didn't help me stay cool. When my shift was over, my feet were killing me, I was severely exhausted and I felt that I could drop. When I turned on my car, the tempature read 95 degrees. Basically, I had to work on a hellish day. When I got back, I told my dad that I wasn't going to work the next day (which is now today) and he had my back with how hot it was. Today I called in using my sick voice and told the manager I couldn't come in because I was sick. The reason I "called in sick" was I'm supposed to work outside again pushing carts in what is once again a very hot day. Fat chance. His response was that my sick voice always sounded the same. Firstly, how is my sick voice supposed to sound? Like a dying giraffe? Secondly, I think my manager is beginning to suspect that I'm faking being sick to get out of work. Well, it doesn't matter. I had originally planned to quit my job sometime next year but, if I'm scheduled to work outside next week, I won't even call off sick. I just won't show up. Fortunately, I can easily get another job somewhere else so, win-win

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  • Can't take the heat? Probably a young guy

  • ** it up go to work

  • Also, I already went to work on your mom.

  • I will. Not just where I'm currently employed. That's what this confession is about. Me getting a new job very soon.

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