A Mistake with my Bf brother

My boyfriend has knew each other for 2 years before getting into a relationship. I fell hard for him has he with me. We have had our rough patches like any couple. I was virgin when we met and he is the one who took it. My boyfriend is naturally big and muscular his older brother and 57 year old father is the same way. My boyfriend went on a 2 day trip with his mother during this time his older brother was staying with us. Any time were around each other he it was heat and attraction. He would text flirty things which I would ignore and delete. The night my boyfriend left I felt empty I'm used to sleeping with him run him and sometimes going futher since our s** life is really good. So I got up and went to the guess room and asked his brother could i lay with him until I got sleepy Which he happily said yes. For the first 30 minutes it was talk and tv but then he slowly started rubbing my hair and legs. He told me how much he loved how defined my abs were and my long legs. Which I thanked him. I feel asleep within an hour. I awoke to him in too of me I went to get up but he pushed me down and kissed me his kiss was fire. He slowly took of my shirt, and pants and same with him nothing but under garments. And it all happened within the 48hrs my bf has been gone we had s** about 7 times. Now that he is back we still have an atattraction he texted me saying he wants me more than s** basically a relationship. I feel bad about my choice but I really like his bother not to mention his d*** is bigger than his brothers that when my bf had s** with me when we got back my p**** was stretched a whole lot bigger . which my bf ignored since he keeps a didlo for me to use so I can turn him on. I scared I might slip up one day.

Jul 4, 2016

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