Fat chicks

So I've never f***** a fat chick before but I think tomorrow is gonna be the day!! I've had some run ins with smelly v***** but I feel like all them have it. Is it true?!?! Guess I'll find out tomorrow ??

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  • WTF dude. Dirty is dirty, it doesn't matter if she is fat or thin. I've seen some smelly thin chicks in my time. In fact the fatties generally tend to be cleaner because they are self concious about their hygiene.

  • I f****** chubby women

  • I'd like to f*** a fat woman.

  • I do too. Fatties are the best.

  • BBWs are the best lovers in the world: no other body style or type can come close. So go for it! If you encounter a funky scent you don't want to close in on, just invite her to take a shower or a bath with you. Wash her private parts yourself: just treat it as a sensual bit of foreplay, and really crank her up with the washcloth and soap. She'll love it and you'll accomplish the desired result. Enjoy yourself . . . and your lady.

  • Eow.that is so bad. Damn. I think each woman is different.

  • Do yourself a favor, and don't do it.. Smelly and unclean? YES. I briefly dated a big-enough (only lost weight due to health issues) woman, got into it one night, sunk my hand down below..And it felt like a clump of old paint. Smelled worse. I've been daring in my time , but, had to stop myself there. No way.

  • Ok you are just a pathetic b*stard...if you ended up with someone that gross that tells me two things about you. 1. You're very ugly. 2. You have a small pecker. Protest if you like...but these two things are true, and we both know it.

  • I didn't know she was that gross until I got down below..Had my suspicions, but, wasn't until that night that I knew..She's a disgusting, unclean pig.

    As for your other accusations, neither are true. Not saying I'm a male model, but, average to a little above. And my item is more than sufficient in size. If you're mentioning my c***, my guess is, you're a raging homosexual who sucks anything that "comes" his way..

  • Obviously she was a pig and unless you are blind and olfactory challenged, you should have known better. It's pretty apparent that you're a "any hole is a goal" kind of slob so don't b**** because you got yourself hooked up with a human cesspool.

  • Wtf? Clump of old paint??!!!! Ugh. Omg!!

  • I couldn't get my hand out of there and to my bathroom to heavy cleanse, fast enough...Fkg trust me..

  • I am fat as well, but I am meticulous about my hygiene. I won't let someone touch me if I am not perfectly clean, and smelling fresh. I keep my legs, p*ssy and underarms smooth and soft at all times. I shower a lot, and will take an extra shower if going out on a date or going to have s**. I use body lotion, and a light perfume as well as a good quality antiperspirant. My clothes are always clean, and freshly washed. I absolutely refuse to smell sweaty or dirty at anytime. So...we're not all smelly/gross.

  • You sound f****** sexy

  • I'm a fat woman and yes we do get sweaty. My husband will not let me shower before s**, he loves to lick my sweaty p**** and make me have a huge o*****, then he f**** me, its wonderfull. He kisses me and I taste my smelly p**** on his lips. F*** I love it

  • I'm the same way with my wife. At the end of the day she can get pretty ripe but it's just sweaty p****. Nothing unusual.

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