Time to Get out

Just found out that my wife and I are having another girl and I wish, now, that she would miscarry. I absolutely do not want another girl so she can cause rampant drama, cost me thousands of dollars and just go on in her life to ruin some other man's life. I've contemplated, today, divorcing my wife and immediately signing over all of my rights to this kid and my other one. I just may do that. I want nothing to do with this child now.

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  • You are a moron and its probably your excuse to be with another woman. For your information your sperms determined the s** of your child not her egg you dimwit

  • Good for you leave her and never return. Leave before the b****** get your all your money. In 18 years guys at strip clubs will praise your name, while they ride your girls as they tearfully tell the guys why they are stripping. Thanks for your contribution!

  • The girls are typically the ones that take care of the parents as they age (not always, but quite often). And although you don't deserve it I bet it will be this daughter who takes care of you. You're disgusting.

  • You knew how babies were made so if you didn't want another one why didn't you either quit or use some kind of birth control? You are still going to have to pay child support and you will have to do it until the girl is eighteen. You reap what you sew buddy. It sucks to be a selfish a****** like you.

  • Let me see if I've got this right. Your complaint is that your wife is carrying a daughter. So you'd be 'OK' with a son?

    Guess what! It is the male that determines the gender of the child.

    Think that through...

  • Just for saying that.. I hope this child ruins you... you would deserve that. You are a douche and it's sad that you are her parent.

  • How odd. Do you not love your wife?

    The love for a child is a different type of love.

    This is very odd

  • I'ts your daughter . You made her. You have duties. I feel sorry for your wife and the unborn girl. No one deserves being let down like that. And you still think you're the one getting your life ruined. Oh, you poor cowardly rat. Mysoginist pig

  • Wow your a douche

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