Veterans on dope are still dopers

I sometimes run into veterans of the Gulf war or Afghanistan all the way back to the Vietnam war and they come back to the states with a drug problem.

A now ex-friend who was a Vietnam veteran left the service with a drug habit and the drug he used in addition to pot was PCP and alcohol. He seemed to feel that I should hang out with him when he was high which was every chance he got. That didn't happen. I stayed away from him as much as possible and he resented it.

His signature comment was "I served my country, what did you do?" I didn't say anything back but I thought plenty. I often wished he had died for his country because he sure as H*** wasn't serving his country in a civilian capacity.

I couldn't serve my country in the military because of asthma and spinal scoliosis.

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  • I agree, I hate potheads regardless of why. And PCP makes people into jerks.

  • So does caffeine.

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