Insulting friend

I have a friend who is brutally honest. I appreciate her constructive criticism, but should I have drawn the line when she started calling me "fugly," a "weirdo," "a freak," "a reject," "horrible person," etc.? I can take a hit, and I usually counterattack her with a witty statement or another insult, but I've been taking some huge hits on my self esteem anyway, especially since a good deal of it is true in some way or another. Should I just hide behind my grin and my counterattack or tell her to stop?



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  • WTF- have some self respect. That's not a relationship and you are becoming a thorough, self-loathing idiot.

  • True honesty is to be treasured, but your "friend" isn't honest. She's a thundercunt, straight up. Tell her that, using that word, and see how she likes having "brutal honesty" thrown back in her nasty hole of a face!

  • I have had too many of them, the next friends i make i pray won't be.

  • Give her a swift kick in her t*** and call it a day.
    When she recovers,kick her in the c*** as hard as you please.

  • Ouch! That kind of verbal abuse is destructive criticism. That person is not your friend. Of course you should tell her to stop, just before you show her the door.

  • Dude, she is not a friend get this through your thick skull. She may tolerate you at best. Don't let anyone define who you are. Be yourself! Basically, you should tell her to take a leap from a pier.

  • Leave her, she sounds like a major b****.

  • frenemy anyone?

  • LOL Doesn't sound like she is your friend.

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