Wife flirts on Girls Weekend, part 2

A recap of my first confession:
My wife went away on a bacelorette party with the mother of the bride. On the last day of the weekend, she drank all day and that evening the bachelorette party met up with a bachelor party and drank at their condo. My wife showed me lots of pics on her phone with her and each of the guys from the bachelor party. The last 5 pics on her phone were if her and one guy standing beside each other and talking with their arms around each other. Why does this turn me on?

Now, my new confession. We decided to ramp up this little game of ours. We went away for the weekend to a strip of bars in the nearest large city. We were planning on drinking and dancing and hopefully see her flirt with some other guys.
Did this weekend ever meet and exceed our expectations. We weren't at the first bar before a group of guys out for a bachelor party started talking to and buying my wife and I drinks. We drank in this bar with them for a few hours. During this time, my wife became more and more flirtatious. This flirting reached a pinnacle when she asked 3 of the guys if she could see their new tattoos which happened to be pretty low on their hips. She bent down to examine and touch each of their tattoos.
Not long after that, the group asked us to go to another bar with them, where there was a DJ playing dance music. We stopped and talked in the front of the bar and drank for a while. As I was buying another round of drinks for the group, I noticed my wife leading the group out to the dance floor. She may or may not have been holding hands with two of the guys in the to the dance floor because I had to stay back and pay the tab.
When I reached the dance floor, my wife was sandwiched between two of the guys grinding. I watched for a while, then went back to talking to the group.
According to my wife, the bachelor had his hand all over her and even put his hands down the back of her jeans and grabbed her ass. He at some point leaned in and asked her to go around back with her. She told him my husband doesn't mind me dancing and flirting but he wouldn't like that. He relented and they continued their dancing. He tried to get her to go with him again and she decided to get away from him.
She found me and we left the bar and headed back to our hotel room. We then took our clothes off quickly. She was the wettest I have ever found her and we had some of the best s** of our 30 years together.

Nov 2, 2016

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  • Are you still doing this. Is she faithful

  • You're wife sounds amazing!

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