The black messiah

His name was Charles Thames and during the middle 70's he was an ambulance driver for the same hospital I worked for. He also wanted to be a printer and perhaps that was his undoing. He had taken and had done well in two courses of printing and sometimes printed instead of drove.

His work title was driver though. He apparently started doing drugs and he got it into his mind that he was some sort of ho,y man he called the black messiah.

He came to work on drugs and started driving dangerously. He would deliberately run traffic lights stating that he "was above that"

Just as I a=was about to tell the manager the manager put him in the print shop with the idea that when the state approved it he would be the hospital printer.

Months and no approval. He was still classified a driver and this irked him to the point that he suddenly and without warning quit.

The black messiah thought he was too good to wait on the slow moving state to put him in the print room permanently and change his work classification to printer.

The black messiah had seven children to support including one child he was caring for who was his sisters child.

My concept of what a messiah is does not include a person with every tooth in his head rotting out nor does my concept of the messiah include daily dangerous drug use.

If can't or are unwilling to feed them don't breed them and stay off the dope.

P.S. Charles

You aren't the messiah black or otherwise.

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  • Messiahs are nut cases who get gullible ppl to follow them and they're usually so desperate for an answer they'll believe any stupid story

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