Picked up a cab driver

I would have chosen "s**" as the category if it had happened, but it didn't. My husband moved out a month or so ago and though he loves me and I love him and he's working toward coming back after spending time alone to work through his mid-life crisis, I am not having s**. I went to a party and afterward in the cab on the way home talked to the driver and we decided he'd come over for a glass of wine. But -- here's the embarrassing part -- he turned out to be not only 30 years old to my 50, but a virgin! Jesus. We started making out but I just couldn't go there. All I could think was that once he had it, he'd want it again, and not only would I have to teach him, I'd have to deal with him afterward. All I wanted was a zipless f***, but it wasn't to be. He excused himself to go to the bathroom and when he came out, I told him it was nice to meet him but he'd have to go. He asked several -- or six -- times for my phone number but I gently and kindly told him no, my children would be home from college in a week or two and I was still married, after all... Obviously I'm all over the place here but I can't tell anyone else I picked up a cab driver and almost had s** with him! Thanks so much for this confessional service. It's a brilliant idea.

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  • This is bull s***..

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