Was Jesus really a Messiah?

The Jews said that the true Messiah would usher in an era of peace and tranquility peace and a brotherhood among men. He would restore Jerusalem etc.

Did Jesus do any of that? I think not. After Jesus left the world became much more violent and dangerous. Hatred became the norm. Wars, famines, atrocities one after the other over the centuries and who knows what other horrors are in store for humanity.

If you actually believe Jesus is the Messiah explain why. None of what he was supposed to do came true.

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  • Jesus would have gone far in the 60's. He would have played a Gibson Les Paul in a rock band and sang also. His guitar skills would have been the best ever and his voice hypnotic. He would have been so rich he would have said die for these loser are you f****** kidding me. It would have been so awesome.

  • "After Jesus left, the world became much more violent and dangerous." šŸ¤”
    No. Multiple witness accounts of incidents following the supposed life of Jesus are just more likely to have survived than those preceding his birth. The absence of Jesus is co-incidental rather than responsible for the perception that the world has become more violent and dangerous.

    Many more millions would have died of disease because the impediment religion caused to scientific advancement which would have impeded the development of vaccines, unless of course, Christ would have performed a miracle a cleansed the earth of all disease and suffering. šŸ˜„

  • The Bible is composed of unreliably reported accounts (written years after the alleged events) and was subsequently heavily edited. There were numerous rebels around the alleged time of Jesus. He is merely a subsequent amalgamation of these myths and tales. It is a work of fiction.

  • Does it matter that much to you?

  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plZRe1kPWZw

  • It had to be done.šŸ˜‚

  • You're right: it hasn't come true . . . yet. But the Bible, which Judaism has only read selectively, says He will come a second time, which is when those other events you described will occur.

  • A messiah who does nothing the second he appears is worse than no Messiah at all. Nothing in Jewish belief much less scripture says anything about the Messian coming, doing nothing then thousands of years later fulfilling the prophecy. Jesus said "surely I come quickly" I guess his concept of quickly is different than humans but it has been two thousand years and counting. Was he talking to humans or himself?

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