I know my Ex BF will date his female friend next.

Their time together always bugged me. You hear stories like this and shrug it off but when you experience it, it's awful. We were having dinner together, with her, and hearing about how he had been to her apartment and how they had these plans together was moment I realized that they had a better foundation as a couple then him and I. It felt like I got an eviction notice slapped on my heart. It was so awkward and pretty sick.

Now she's newly single and distraught apparently because her bf cheated I think.

Anyway, I just hope when they start dating I'll be okay with it personally. You can't really help these things and they just happen. I don't know if you believe in zodiacs and numerology, but I looked up their birthdates and names for the heck of it and they're like a perfect match. Their names even start with the same letter, which they joked and charmed about. The universe wants them to be together but why did I ever have to date him?

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  • Aww I can imagine this was a tough feeling. It's hard feeling like the outsider in your own relationship. If they do get together I hope you will be ok, and I hope you can move on and find your match. <3

  • He already has

  • ^ absolutely ^

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