Is it wrong?

To want more attention from my boyfriend? I know he's busy but... jeez, if you're so busy then why be in a relationship? I feel like we barely spend any time together and we can rarely have a real conversation because the timing is always bad. I know I should be grateful to have time with him at all, but isn't that messed up in a way? The only sure time we have together is at night when we are sleeping together. We can really talk so much because we both need to sleep. I don't know how to bring this up to him because all the times I did before he'd get upset.

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  • Why are you in a relationship with someone whom you are afraid to talk to? It isn't wrong for you to want more attention but you must also consider his schedule. Why don't you make some time and go away for a special weekend or something? Good luck.

  • Look girl, relationships sometimes must undergo times such as you are describing.. The only time partners can talk or spend time together is at night in bed.. It will pass if however it requires patience.. Since your only quality time right now appears to be at night in bed, just take care to be sure your man is satisfied sexually.. After all, that is a womans duty anyhow.. Good luck..

  • Be more condescending. Yes, patience and finding time to talk are both important. Telling "girl" here about her womanly duties, well... jagoffs like you are why feminazis go on about "mansplaining". So thanks for giving them ammunition, you dumbshit!

    They say silence is golden. Be golden, friend. Be fvcking golden.

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