Another busted resolution

My best girlfriend's husband and me started having this affair last winter. We knew it was wrong but we couldn't help ourselves because we are so good together. The s** is unreal. We tried to quit three times during 2016 but we always got back together. We both know it has to end and so we swore to new Years resolutions to stop it after we were together for New years Eve but that didn't even last for three weeks because we got together this last weekend and made love for hours in a motel outside our town. I don't know what we are going to do but I know this: we don't seem to be capable of ever ending this relationship or ever staying off one another.

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  • Sometimes chemistry is too hard to fight. I love my boyfriend so much and we’ve been together for a long time and our s** life is great but there is a married man I know whom I would not want to be married to but we get together and f*** each other’s brains out sometimes only once a month. He has a huge c*** and I just like being pounded by it once in awhile. Plus each other knows that the other is safe to f***. No diseases. No one wants any more than what we have. I never thought I would be this person but it’s either him or random strangers. He can f*** me like no other and I’m good for awhile.

  • I am doing the same thing. Almost two years now. We've never discussed stopping. We had a near miss with almost getting caught so we were kinda gonna stop, but neither of us wanted to stop - so we didn't. In fact we probably got worse - did it more. I think he wants to stay with her. She would be destroyed if she caught us. I don't want to take him from her, but I also don't want to stop fuccckiing him. And so it keeps rolling...

  • If this does come out, reach out to this woman. Already, she unknowingly shares her husband. Presumably, she gets alone with that arrangement. Why should she forfeit her mental peace simply because this came to light?

    Never attack or diminish her. Offer her friendship. Build that relationship.

  •'s nice to encounter somebody who really understands because they are living it. We have gotten in that same pattern you mentioned with your man trying to stop but not being able and not really wanting to. We actually seem to want each other more all the time. And as soon as we meet and are departing from each other we're already talking about the next time we meet and already excited about the s** the next time. We say we have to end it but even when we say that its like we don't really mean it because we know deep down we cant stop it. I'm actualy more of a wife to him than she is even though I know that don't make sense. I am like you in that I don't want him to leave her and I like our relationship like it is. I just don't ever want him to stop f****** me. I have to have it. I don't mean I just want to be f*****......I want to be f***** BY HIM and nobody else. Jesus.......just writing about the way he f**** me makes me so f****** h****......I'm going to call him and have him come see me on his way home. I have to have him now. Thanks for your message.

  • It makes perfect sense that you are more of a wife to him than his wife. I think it's immature to go through life supposing there is only one person for you. And for many, their soulmate is someone other than their spouse. We should be able to affirm that even if we never go outside our own marriage.

    The other thing is that no one wants to give up stupendous s** as soon as they discover how stupendous s** can be. Once you experience s** AS IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE, it is very, very hard to turn your back on it. Even your best efforts to focus on NOT doing this COMPEL your mind to return there, to relive every twitch and movement, the sheer beauty and power of it, the explosive release of it, the intimacy shared. Something would be wrong if it was EASY to turn your back on that. Nature doesn't intend that.

    Does reading this make you wet? Do you feel the seeping juices of life? That is your body's CONFIRMATION that all this is true. That is your body GIVING you permission to do this. That is your body DEMANDING that you care for each other that way. THAT'S what your SUPPOSED to do. So yes. It's very, very hard.

    Now -- which do you think makes a better value: To lie against Nature and to suppress the testimony of your own body, OR to acknowledge the truth that THIS is Nature's intention for you both? Call him and tell him that you need to talk with him. Then explain these things.

  • This is one of the most amazing things I ever read. Somehow you managed to say exactly what I was feeling but had not been able to put into words. It really WOULD be wrong of us to tear apart something that is so good and so beautiful and so natural and so right. Yes reading it DID make me wet. UNBELIEVABLY wet. And then it made me wet again when I had him come over and we read it together. And after we read it together we made love for over four hours. And then.......we promised to NOT break up. That made me wet again. And then I got wet again when I was writing this to you this morning about what you wrote. I need him and he needs me. And it sounds weird and wrong to say this but not only do we need to be in this relationship......we need to have this relationship behind her back because that somehow just makes it so much better and so much more powerful and so so so so so so much more DELICIOUS. Saying thank you doesn't seem like nearly enough of a thing to say for your having put so much of this in perspective for me and for him and for us together but I don't know what else I can say. You made a huge difference in our relationship and in our lives. So........thank you.

  • Part I

    Alternatively, since it makes an already GREAT relationship so much better, so much more powerful and so very much more DELICIOUS,' you could say that doing it behind her back is NOT 'weird and wrong' but clearly NATURAL and RIGHT. Nature has its own logic; OUR role is to UNDERSTAND and accept Nature's intention and design for us for what it is.

    Weird, wrong and downright ungrateful is refusing Nature's endowment. Extreme, erotic beauty is Nature’s reward for doing what you’re SUPPOSED to do. As a part of your mutual commitment, you should promise NOT to break up even if ARE discovered. But your strategy would have to evolve. Should you be discovered, consider I offer the following:

    NEVER try to break the marriage. Do everything to keep them together. Reach out to her, hang with her, do her hair, cook for her. Do your darned best to be friends. But be utterly clear that by making YOU the sexually superior female, Nature leaves her no choice but to accept it and share her husband with you. That’s the natural order of things.

    When she asks whatever that means, you must SHOW her. Ride him as she never has or will. She must SEE you MAKE him squeal like a stuck pig, beg for mercy, pray to Jesus, blow steam from his ears and then bray and bray like a donkey. Now what is going on here, and why is this necessary?

  • Part II

    Hard as discovery would be, you must MAKE her see that 1] she falls so far short as a s** partner that 2], she could NEVER compete with you, and so 3] it is unreasonable, unloving and unnatural to condemn him NOT to experience this. The sheer intensity of the mind-blowing s** she just saw makes it impossible to rebut this. Simple questions like ‘why haven’t you done this’ or ‘can’t you do that’ will overwhelm her with her sexual inferiority. ‘He’s a good man … isn’t it selfish to deny him the best? Doesn’t he deserve that? Lead her to consent to this relationship with her husband.

    Balance your use of shame, sexual humiliation and inadequacy with friendship and genuine caring. When she asserts herself, point to her inadequacy. When she admits that Nature’s way is best, give deep empathy and affirm that her consent makes her the best of wives. As you and him unite to support her in this lifestyle, you become strong.

    Meanwhile, make every love session a rehearsal for this should that day come. Learn the reverse cowgirl. Become expert in the erotic arts. DO YOUR KEGELS!!! Are we even a teeny bit damp now? Consider sharing this with 'him!'

  • Absolutely amazing. Wow! Everything you wrote was exactly hitting the nail right on the head. That's really incredible. I wish there was space to tell you how right you are but since I only have a small amount of space I'll just mention a couple. The way we first began our relationship (even tho we'd been flirting like mad for a year without my friend or anybody else ever hearing or knowing) was at a party where he was complaining to me about some of the sexual things she DIDN'T do for him and so I finally told him that if he wanted any of those things to just "come to my house". So he did. We drove her home from the party because they had both been drinking and I don't hardly drink. We put her to bed and then we went to my house. You can imagine what happened so I won't bore you with the filthy story. And then the other thing is what you said about what if we get caught. I read it all first alone and then I did as you said and read it with him naked in my bed. He told me he was sure I could control her that way by making constant references to giving him what he deserves and reminding her constantly that I can give it to him and she can't.......because she never has (it's a long list). He said I could do it and he thought I would be good at it. I just said "I know". If she ever saw me f****** him she would know right away that she could NOT compete. One final thing that amazes me about what you wrote is how you seem to be able to see me and him together. That first night we had s** the very very very FIRST thing I gave him was a*** reverse cowgirl. I did it for 2 reasons. First she almost never gives up the ass even though he loves it so I won that round. But also a reverse cowgirl in the ass goes soooooo deep that a man can't really stand it. He couldn't either. He barely lasted a minute in my ass in that position before he blew a huge load. I don't know how you knew that but you knew it. Thanks again for your insights. They're amazing.

  • Are you f****** kidding me. You make this d*** sound so good that he has enuff heart to lie to his wife about where he's been for the past 5 hours while he's out dicking you,love when in fact he ain't nutn but a coward for not maning up to you and her .and I can assure that y'all both feeling the rush of doing something wrong and if he's leaving your wet t*** to return to her.boy boy boy....

  • You just have to let nature take it's course. Keep enjoying each other, until you get caught. THAT is when you will need to make some choices. For now, don't worry.

  • I understand what you mean I think: enjoy it for however long it lasts. I get that. Our love life is really really really wonderful, and I should appreciate and love it for each minute we're together and not dwell on the negatives. Yes, to worry about the negatives is to waste or taint our valuable time making love. I appreciate your insight and for taking the time to share it. Thank you.

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