Officers get at me

Is there any correctional officers police officers who have ever fantasized about having an affair with an inmate or parolee male or female please get at me and tell me your fantasies

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  • One of my female friends was in lockup twice. She's a gorgeous woman, with "wrong side of the tracks" great looks. I don't know if she ever went through with it, but, she did tell me more than a few male officers and employees at the prison propositioned her, and, most, at some point while she was in, grabbed her ass or t***, knowing they could get away with it.

    Also told me her first parole officer after getting out hit on her during their first meeting, and mentioned his fishing cabin as a "safe haven" for her..

    She's turned her life around now, and doing great, but..her old self? I can see her going for one of the younger, more fit officers. If they did have at her, lucky them..

  • I was a prison officer and there were several of the female inmates I would have happily banged and used to fantasise about banging

  • Are there any correctional orificers who haven't gone past fantasy?

  • Tell me about your experience whether you're an officer or parolee or inmate

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