Wedding party

A couple of months ago my boyfriend and I went to an English country wedding. One of his friends, Tom, rocked up but hadn't booked anywhere to stay. He pleaded with us to let him crash in our room in the B&B we'd booked. We reluctantly said yes. We got back at 3am after an epic night. I was much more drunk than usually get, and the boys were predictably hammered. We hadn't really thought through the sleeping arrangements when we agreed to let Tom stay with us. He was going to sleep on the floor but we had a massive bed and I told him he could share it with us. I teased him and told him that I'd kick him out if he started spooning me in the middle of the night. Secretly I found it really hot that we were sharing a bed. I got readying and climbed in. Then my boyfriend and Tom got in on either side of me. We switched off the lights but we were wired from drinking and lay there chatting for ages. We were joking about how the bride and groom were probably consummating their marriage at that moment. My boyfriend said that the groom (who's an old school friend of his) is a lucky guy because his wife is so gorgeous. I told them that *they* were both lucky to be sharing a bed with a hot girl too. And Tom quickly responded with "yeah you're hot, but we're not getting action tonight". In the heat of the moment and after far too many drinks I said "we could change that". The boys went silent. I felt nervous and h**** at the prospect of what I'd just said. My boyfriend sat up slightly and full on kissed me. He then whispered in my ear and suggested Tom might want a goodnight kiss too. Tom turned to me and kissed me. My was heart pounding as I drunkly kissed a half naked in front of my boyfriend. As we kissed, my boyfriend slid his pound into knickers and rubbed what was now a very wet p**** with fingers. As we broke off the kiss, my boyfriend pulled back the covers and took off my tshirt so I lying almost naked in front of the two of them. They were both just wearing just boxers and had massive hard ons. You could have sliced the tension in the air with a knife. I was SO nervous but I've honestly never been as h****. It wasn't clear where this was going or how far I or my boyfriend would let us take it. They explored my body with their hands, grabbing my t*** and rubbing their hands up and down my legs and ass. They pulled down my knickers to my ankles. My boyfriend began to lick me out while Tom kissed me passionately. After a few minutes my bf stopped and Tom went down on me. I couldn't get over the fact that my bf's friend not only had seen me naked, but he has f****** me with his tongue. It felt like the best thing I'd ever felt before. My bf got his c*** out and I started giving him head. I could tell he was enjoying this every bit as much as I was. Tom came up for air. I was quite keen to see his c*** too so I pulled his boxers down and took it out. I still had my bf's d*** in my left hand as I used my right to pull back Tom's foreskin and put him in my mouth. I alternated between two two of them, wanking the one I wasn't sucking. It drive them wild. My bf tried to fit his in my mouth at the same time as toms but they were too big. I thought they'd freak out if there c**** touched but they were enjoying it too much to care. I wanked them furiously expecting them to c**. My bf talks dirty (and likes me too) when he's drunk. He started asking me questions and getting me to repeat him. Things about me being a s***. I felt like a s*** in that moment and I loved it. My boyfriend asked me if I wanted s**. He asked me if I wanted Tom to f*** me. Tom was into it. He took his c*** out of my mouth, got on top of me. I asked if he had a condom but my bf said he wanted to catch up c** inside me. Tom put his c*** in me and within minutes emptied his load inside of me. He gave me an amazing o*****. This continued for a couple of hours and got more and more debauched. Honestly it was the best thing I've ever done. It's all I've thought about since. Whenever we have s** i think about it. I even sneak off to the loo at work and finger myself thinking about it. Hopefully we'll do it again one day.

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  • I love double penetration, my husband got me into it and I was hooked, from the 1st time. The most I have had at one time is 4

  • No condoms used then? what other things did u let them do to you?

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