Sexually frustrated

I've been married 3 years now and the s** is not satisfying me... I often stare at other women for long periods of time and even watch p***. I fantasize myself with other hotter girls who are better in bed and it overwhelms me with joy just to think of it.

I love my wife dearly but before I was married I always pictured myself having awesome s** laying in bed doing it multiple times and giving each other head and maybe her trying to be sexy for me like saying she's h**** or gabbing my c***.... the reality is much worse....

It's almost like a chore for her to have s** with me she often starfishes and closes her eyes. She doesn't give head or receive it which is frustrating because I can't make her c**. I can only last about 5-7 min on average though I have been working on improving that. But I'm simply not happy with our s** and she knows it but refuses to do anything or work on it and gets so defensive if I bring it up and starts a fight... she won't even let me finger her for Long periods Because she says she's ticklish.

In her defense she has been working on improving things but I'm still so far from where I want to be in our sexual relationship. She's not that hot but I'm okay with that if the s** was good. I find it so frustrating and sometimes wish I was single. Anyway just wanted to vent a bit....

Jul 17, 2016

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  • She's not going to change divorce

  • I would like to tell you about a way through this. My wife and our marriage counsellor (Female) decided I was addicted to s**. So we had had no s** and no intimacy and I was watching p*** and masturbating. My wife was blaming me and I was blaming my wife. We were being nasty to each other. telling each other to f*** off when we passed each other in the hallway. The only reason we stayed together was neither of us could be bothered leaving and because we had a kid. Thought we should stay for them.

    Anyway the counsellor asked how serious we were about trying to make it work.

    Then said we should have no s** and I was not to m********* or look at p*** for 3 months. My initial reaction was 'you have got to be kidding. No man can go that long F you'. She then said that I had to hear the whole plan. She then turned to my wife and told her that she had to start loving me. I was shocked she really ripped into my wife telling her all the stuff I wanted to say about her being cold and lazy and self centred. She said that my wife needed to look for the good in me. Then she said that we were to spend half an hour every night holding hands, cuddling, and pretending that we were not yet married. No groping but lots of touching.

  • S** addiction is bullshit most women just don't have a big enough libido hence the reason men get bored with only one women

  • Tough call. I'm stuck because we have kids. Wife has zero s** drive and zero romantic. She is just too f****** busy to be f******. She gets her energy from doing good works. Sometimes I think we will meet at the gates of h***. Me because I have l*** and she because she thought she would buy her way into heaven with good works.

  • Leave her don't stay for the kids you'll transfer ur bad relationship bullshit to them she's not worth it period

  • I can relate. My now-ex wife was never into s**, found it a chore when I wanted to, and generally disinterested. Lucky for me, I'd been messing around with my hot older sister for years, so, had that option, which I took many, many times for satisfaction. There were weekends I'd spend with older sister, supposedly "helping work on the house", and just went at her sexually for two days. Ex wife never knew, or wondered why, when I'd return from being with older sister, my s** drive was calm. It was, because I'd been fulfilled. And not by my then-wife.

  • You obviously didn't have s** before getting married... You're p*** moves are too advanced for where she is. You also need to communicate your needs and talk to her about her fantasies. Take s** off the table and do other things.. massage, baths, introduce toys in to the mix etc. She has to gain the confidence to just do what you want her to do. Try different things with her to really be close to her. It sounds like she's lacking in body confidence and maybe has intimacy issues as well. As for fingering.. maybe she doesn't like how you finger her (so she tells you it's ticklish to make you stop).. maybe you should use your tongue.

  • Starfish I assume she just lies there. That's what my wife does. So boring. She rarely o******. She is just lazy when it comes to s**. Lazy. Just lies there and I f*** her.

  • Agreed it takes two for good s**

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