My Step brother

One day my dad and his mom went out of town for a week for their anniversary. And my dad left my stepbrother in charge because he was a year older than me(I was 16 and he was 17). So, I was lying on the couch watching a bunch of scary movies by myself, he came in and sat on the couch by my head.He asked me why was I watching the movies without him. I didn't know what to say so I just shrugged my shoulders. He was like you can lay on me if you want, so I did for 20 or 30 mins. Then I sat up and grabbed a blanket to cover up with. After a few minutes he began to fall asleep so I said you can lay on me if you want. And he lifted the blanket and laid in my lap. And then he turned around so his face was facing my stomach. He started playing with my belly button ring with his tongue. I tried to act like I didn't like it. But I really loved it. He sat up and kissed me. Then he stood up and told me to get on his back, I did. Then he took me upstairs to his room and we had s**. And it was my first having s** and it was better than I imagined. But I feel sooo ashamed to have lost my virginity to my stepbrother. And we still have s** every day and I love it.

Feb 10, 2015

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  • Similar sitch here. My dad is dating my BFF's boyfriend's Mom, in other words my dad's girlfriend's son is my best friend's boyfriend. I dont mean to sound assumptive, but i swear i think he is coming onto me. He'll sit his head on my shoulder and smell my hair and stuff like that. To Avoid awkwardness, I ignored It. He Also Accidently Walked In On Me In The Bathroom And Will Sometimes just Lay Beside Me On My Bed.

  • Made up story, no 16 year old girl will let a 17 year old boy be in charge of her. My guess is you are about thirteen and making up a fantasy story.

  • Who are you to say its fake?

  • My sister in another country lost her virginity to me in the 90s.We have only had s** 2 times. She loves me more than any wives or girlfriends I have ever had.She is a beautiful woman.

  • Do not be embarrassed. He's real good to you. Just enjoy & have fun.

  • Why ashamed? You have no blood relation - you're 'related' only by your respective parents getting married. Honestly I can't see anything wrong with two people enjoying s** who aren't blood related in the slightest.

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