I think my wife is cheating on me

I think my wife is cheating. I found another man's pants on the ground and shoes. My wife said she bought them but the shoes were worn out and smelly. It means someone was here. I found a condom in my wife's drawer. And her bra on the ground. I have already told my friends and they have told me to confront my wife. I'm going to do it when she comes back with her "business Trip" with her boss. I think she is cheating on me with her boss. I just you know. Had to say it somewhere. My neighbor told me about this website when I told him. So yeah that's it. I don't want a divorce because of our kids because my parents were and it was hard for me. I feel betrayed but I don't want to ruin the family. I'm having second thoughts on confronting her. What should I do?

Jul 18, 2016

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  • My wife was once dating another man while she dated me our first year we dated. She was having s** with both of us. I could always tell, I could sometimes smell the mans body on her, his body smell, his s** smells.

    I never told Colleen how much that excited me, to go down on her knowing I was licking where another guy hours earlier had e*********. She had huge o******, and I licked until I was sure I had tasted every drop of his s****.

  • Leave a comment u think ur wife is cheating what wil it take b4 u are sure u to get a shot of his s**** n the eyes

  • Kill her

  • Damn dude sounds like ur Muslim lol maybe just cheat on her or leave or both

  • Go seek marriage counseling. If you still love her and don't want to break up the family then go seek counseling. This happens in most marriages the reasons for this is because when people don't get what they need from the marriage they go outside to seek it. However, most of the time it's for the s**, they don't love the other outside the marriage. They love their husbands/wife's. So go seek marriage counseling. Your marriage can be saved.

  • You think?

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