I've been s******* a married man for years. It was fun and carefree for awhile- runnin around town drinking, snorting & whatever else. Now he's in love with me and instead of saying no, i mess around with his head and say i am too. I'm not, he's a play-thing, but i won't give him up bcz there goes my carefree fun



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  • ....he's married so its not like you owe him anything in the way of honesty....just keep using him (and his money) for your is too short for worry........

  • ^ This ^ is the truth. He doesn't deserve any special treatment, since he's cheating on his wife. Tell him what you need to tell him in order to get from him what you need from him. Tell him you want to blow up his marriage and take him for yourself. Tell him you want his babies. Tell him he's a spectacular f***, the best in history. You're a woman: you know how to work a man. Work this one. And enjoy it all, every moment.

  • You sound incredibly sexy. I would love to be the man dating you.

  • Real classy not

  • Ouch

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