I want a boyfriend

So I really want a boyfriend, just someone that I know will like me for me and won't judge me .I'm almost 14 and all my friends are getting into relationships. I've had my first kiss but never a real boyfriend, I've gone as far as telling everyone that I was dating my best friend that lives in a different state.I keep telling myself that I should just wait till highschool to get into a serious relationship so I can be with someone that's mature every relationship I've had hasn't lasted more then a week. I Often think that I'm not in a relationship because I'm thicker than most girls my age (5'5 140 lbs) (the guys at my school only like the slutty girls and I'm not going to expose my body just to get someone to like me I'm all about personality) and it doesent help that my EX-friend told me that I shouldn't bother trying to date because every guy I like, likes her and not me (that p***** me of so much) but I also don't want to get in to a relationship for the wrong reasons I'm just so confused help??

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  • A man wrote this...

  • No money then no honey is what most men say.

  • I was 30 before I was kissed and then raped. I am now 46 and still not married and long for a boyfriend or husband but men today only want money or if you are good looking, you have to spread sexual confidence there is no point looking for love as a virgin unless you want to get rid of it quick and claim a guy. because men today don't do anything they want the girl to do all the moves and hard work in getting together and they are rather lazy and if you offer them money they will do anything for you.

  • I was 24 before my first kiss, girlfriend, or even a date. Believe me I know how frustrating it gets. Don't worry about what everyone else does. They're not any happier than you. Just keep it cool, study hard, do your thing, and you'll have your day. Just let it go, that's my advice. Build your life. Be involved. Be active. Stay positive.

  • Thanks for the great advice

  • Telling others you are dating somone out of state means most guys will look elsewhere.

    You have these conditions about your weight and revealing your body. All 3 mean you are destined for singleness.

    Drop the mentality of having conditions.
    Loose weight.
    Men are visual creatures. Dress to impress.

  • 14 is too young to have a boyfriend. Get just a male friend and if he tries to get in your pants don't let him.

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