I want out of being a parent

I'm so done. I want out of being a parent. To be honest, I wanted out when I found out I was pregnant, but was convinced/talked into/pressured into going through with it because of religion. Well, I left religion years ago but here i am feeling stuck with this burdensome responsibility. I was never meant to be a parent. For the past few years, I've been in mechanical state. Doing things because you're supposed to. But I've hated and resented every single moment. I honestly hate myself. Yes there are those times when you think this isn't so bad. But they last a second and then you're right back to hating your life and the horrible things that come along with it. Lack of money, lack of time, lack of time alone, always having to think of another even when you have no energy to sort yourself out. The constant telling offs (and my child is one of the good ones). You can't f****** move without first thinking about your child. Your time is capped, your fun is capped. Yet you're supposed to have infinite time and energy for your child. Bollocks. Three more years of this and then I'm going on a month long retreat to cleanse my spirit because I feel like I've been punished somehow. If I could go back in time, I would annihilate all the bastards I foolishly listened to and all the people who let me down (child's deadbeat father, old friends, old family). The only solace I find is that I'm not married and after this commitment, I never intend to because I hear marriage is a barrel of laughs too.


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  • Religion is retarded and needs to just go

  • I get yah, girl. Just have some dignity and, i don't know, if you hate youre kids so much just do the whole adoption thing. at least youre happy, right? and the kids get a real home.

  • Yeah shut up!! you are blessed to have children so stop whingeing and start loving. Were you not a child once?

  • Oh, do STFU with that tired old "u wuz a chyuld once hurrrr" bingo. You were an obnoxious fucktard of a teenager once too. Do you adore them all unconditionally, no matter how clueless and arrogant and-- worst of all-- not just like YOU today?

    Also, because this world is an unfair place, you'll probably live long enough to get old. So I hope you adore and cherish every cranky old b***** who drifts in front of you in traffic or is holding a job (or other resources) that you think is yours by divine birthright! Do you worship the ground teenagers and cranky old men walk upon? No? Hypocrite. Sit down.

  • Ur fear of death and lack of meaning in life aren't worth keeping religion around

  • Yeah, seriously, get over yourself. Let someone else raise your child if you hate being a mother so much. But in the meantime stop blaming everyone else and have a look at yourself. Furthermore, you spread your legs in the first place...take some responsibility, bitchh.

  • What an idiot you are! It's a confession site pussssy. She has the right to vent and get off her chest what she needs to. Nowhere in her post did she say she doesn't take responsibility. At least she's raising her kid. I'm guessing you were abandoned by a parent or something??? And well done - you understand biology. Yes, idiot, that is how babies are made. Numpty. To OP just keep your head up. When those times get tough, vent wherever and whenever you want. It helps even just a minute to get it off your chest if it means you can go back to mommy duty, sane, once you've got it off your chest. People fail people all the time. You've acknowledged that and you're able to see that. It takes REAL strength to admit to s***. Even the feeling of being let down by people close to you.

  • Blame blame blame

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