Uncles Wife

My uncle was put into work release and he left me and my cousin and my uncles wife to take care of things. my uncles wife was find of painkillers. she would do almost anything for them. she had a great body and she was very sweet to us. one time she was wearing just one of my uncles t shirts to bed and came out to tell us to be quiet. I was sitting on the stairs and she stepped over me and I looked up in time to see her smooth tight ass and her slightly hairy p****. anyway the bad part of the story is I would use all kinds of painkillers is get from people and give them to her in exchange for s**. it's was trick though because my cousins were still there so we had to be careful. she was great though. she would ride me like she really meant it and then we would take some oxycontins and do it some more. this only lasted while my uncle was in work release with one exception where she gave me a b******* when everyone was asleep. I miss s** with her.

Jul 26, 2016

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