Most awkward night of my life

My sister is 11 years older than me and her husband is 2 years older than her but a good looking guy, I am 26 and one night 3 years ago we shared a cabin, I was in my room and they were in theirs, It was a run down little crappy cabin and the doors were all warped and didn't close, We were all drinking pretty much all day on the beach and as I laid in bed I heard them try to close their door then heard my sister whisper "just leave it".
I knew exactly what they were going to do and the walls were so thin I could hear them kissing, To my surprise I started to get excited and after a bit got out of bed and snuck to their door, The lamp was on and I could see them perfectly, He was standing at the side of the bed and had his pants off, I froze and my eyes got wide, He is HUGE, no other word for it HUGE, I have seen my share and never one like that, Long, thick, hard and veiny, My sister was sitting naked on the side of the bed and had both hands wrapped around it end to end and there was still the k*** and a couple inches sticking out as she licked and sucked it, I had never really thought about him before but couldn't take my eyes off his p****, I watched as he laid her back and slowly worked it halfway into her, he pounded her but never got it more than half way in and every time he would push further she would wince and stop him, I was shocked at myself but I pulled my shirt off and tossed it into my room from the hall, I stood there pinching my nipples and rubbing myself like some cheap p*** movie, After a few minutes he pulled out, She sat up and he shoved it in her mouth, I watched her swallow twice then she pulled back, Panted "Oh my god", He put his hand on the back of her head, Shoved it back in her mouth and thrust his hips forward and I watched her swallow once more.
She laid back and he stood there for a couple seconds then she said "Can you get me the blue bag".
I took a couple steps back toward my room still facing theirs not expecting what happened next, Their door opened and he stepped into the hallway, I froze, I completely forgot I had no shirt on as I stared at him, He stood there not saying a word, I looked down at his half hard p**** which was still frickin HUGE, He didn't say anything but stepped toward me staring into my eyes, I took a choppy breath that caught me off guard, He stepped right up to me, Leaned past me and grabbed a bag off the bathroom counter and stepped back, He looked down at my b**** and stood there, I looked down and he was getting hard again, I definitely got the b**** gene out of me and my sister, She is a B and I am a DD, I stood there and swallowed hard but didn't cover myself, He smiled, leaned in and whispered "Your sister has you to thank for this" as he put his hand on my ass, pulled me close to him pressing his huge d*** against my stomach and my t*** against his chest then stepped back, and while he stared at my b**** he took my hand, wrapped it around his shaft and I stroked the length of it as he stepped away and he put his hand on my b*** letting his fingers trail across it till he got to my big nipple and gave it a little pinch, He turned and went back in the bedroom and I went to mine.
I was shocked, surprised, scared and had a hundred different emotions running through my mind, I crawled into bed and listened as he had s** with my sister again, I wish I could say I didn't do anything but that would be a lie, I had one of the greatest, most awkward o****** ever.
When I got up in the morning I just wanted to slip out the window, sneak home and never see him again but I got up to sneak to the kitchen for a drink and froze, He was standing in the kitchen making coffee, I turned and he whispered "Good morning", I turned back around I covered my chest since I wasn't wearing a bra and whispered good morning, I went to leave and he whispered "Can I talk to you?".
I did not want to have this talk but figured s**** it, I put my hands down, walked up to the counter and sat down, He was on the other side of the breakfast bar and walked around to my side, He sat down next to me and we turned to face each other, He took my hands and looked at me saying "um...About last night...I wanted to..." I stopped him and apologized, I told him I was sorry for watching them, He stopped and stared at me, Finally he said "You watched us?", I said "Yeah, why do you think I was topless in the hallway", He apologized for making touch his p**** and for touching my b***, I apologized for watching them and we agreed never to speak of it again, A little while later my sister got up, we spent the day together and then they dropped me off at home.
We have never spoke of it but I would be lying if I said I don't think about it sometimes when I'm alone in the shower or in bed.

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  • Thats one of the hottest stories i have ever read. thank you xx

  • I think you have to figure out a way to get that huge c*** buried in your hot p****.

  • Kinda a hot scenario, and it would make a nice erotic story but you said it was a crappy cabin where the doors barely worked and yet it had a breakfast bar? That's a bit odd...

  • Why would that be odd, She said it had a breakfast bar not that it had polished granite counter tops, I have stayed in lots of older cabins that didn't have room for a dining room so they build a breakfast bar or a counter in the kitchen to pull stools up to.

  • Cool story bro

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