I wanted my foreign exchange student

I am a 45 YO, married man with in a mostly healthy marriage with a beautiful woman. This winter we hosted a gorgeous latina from South America. She was very young, 18, but with a mind and whit about her that made her much older. We spent a lot of time together and I never made my feelings known. She told my wife she was a virgin. I didn't care, she was beyond beautiful, funny, and sexy. Her ass was beyond hot! I secretly sneaked into her room and sniffed her panties fantasizing about how she would taste.

Eventually she moved back home, but, if I had been a younger, dumber man...who knows...does that make me a bad person?

Jul 27, 2016

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  • Hubby and I sponsored an exchange student for two years. He was from Africa and very nice and handsome. He kept hitting on me and one day I told my husband and he said to take care of his needs, it would be ok and no one would know. Well we had an in house date every Saturday night for almost two years. I really enjoyed our exchange student. He left a year ago and we are thinking of sponsoring another one,,,,hummmmm lucky me.

  • What an old s***

  • You are about normal for this site.

  • Anything but! OP conducted himself like an adult, had thoughts and feelings but the intelligence to not act on them.

    Now, if OP had claimed to be wearing the girl's panties and demanded to be called a pretty princess while pretending to be in Vegas and surrounded by a cadre of 'sexy' toddlers-- all while being a lying fantasizing incel eating fish sticks in his mommy's basement? THAT is 'normal' for this site! (No place else though)

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