Help. Me. Please.

I've changed a lot in just few months. But this is damn it. This is not normal.
Everything's become more heavy for me, it's now easier to hurt my skin (my friend dragged me by the hand and it left red bruises on my wrist for about 30 minutes). I'm used to hard work, so it's extra weird for me. I usually carry around chopped down wood and I really enjoy cutting wood with an axe myself. My hands are a total disaster, they're wrinkled and hard-skinned, but I have become a weakling. I (somehow) lost all muscle I've ever gained and am considered a fragile girl among my friends, whose hardest job in life was crosfiting.
Also, mom said this is perfectly normal, when I get up from a couch, I have to hold onto something for a while, 'cause the whole universe around disappears and everything becomes black and my mind is absent for about 10 seconds. It also takes a while to "recharge" myself.
I know everyone has it, but it's not like I get up fast. I may be panicking, but it happens like 30 times a day and I'm not even getting up fast.
I though that the cause may be, 'cause I get too much sleep. Normally, I get into bed around 2 to 4 am and wake up at 1 pm. And I lost around 10 kilos in a month. I wasn't trying to lose weight.
So, as I said, I'm only 16 and my hands look like those of a 60 year-olds but my body is fragile like I'm a little baby.

Please tell me what do I do, 'cause I'm no f****** Cinderella and I want to live normally, not fainting around like a brainless lady in the XIII century.

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  • Yeah,you're dying basically

  • I'd say go see a doctor but I'm sure you already know this by now.

  • The symptoms you are describing are not normal for you to be experiencing at your age. Go to your doctor at once.

  • Def need to see a dr, could be blood flow problem, diabetes, very serious go asap

  • Yeah please go to a doctor. None of that is normal.

  • Er goto a doctor

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