I'm a little confused

So I'm catholic and I hate it. I remember going to a catholic school and
every day felt like I was being brain washed into some cult. But when ever I talk to my father about converting he flips out, threatens to kick me out of the house! Now my girlfriend is Russian orthodox and I can't put her in the same room as my father with him going into a rage. I love my dad but I know the only way to be myself would lead to cutting off all ties with him. Please help

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  • It really is amazing how many kids I hear who have gone to catholic
    school and end up being a non catholic as an adult . Something must be going wrong if kids are not staying in the church as adults .

    Personally I don't get the whole catholic stuff like why do catholic have
    statue of Marry and Joseph yet christians only have the cross of jesus ?

    Why are catholic pray to marry and not God ?

  • I went to a Catholic primary and secondary school, even though I wasn't a Catholic. My dad was a Catholic, but not a practising one. How could he be, if he beat the s*** out of my mum, at times!!
    I believe in god, because I was conditioned to. I don't have any religion and I feel better for it!! :)

  • If you're living with him, you have to respect his wishes and play along. Is that fair? No, but it's realistic. It is also realistic to say that you can go to church and not commit spiritually to all the tenets of Catholicism, but just 'be there' for however long it takes to satisfy your dad: it's not going to hurt you, though it may do something between irritating and boring you. Then, when you're out of the house and on your own, living without reliance on family support, you can assert your religious independence and make your own decisions about what you believe and where --- or whether --- you go to church. Church may not please you or answer your questions about life, but it isn't going to harm you. You may find that it does you at least a little good, particularly with a new Pope who has some new (and kind of exciting) ideas about how we relate to God.

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