Fear of ghosts

I know that there is no scientific proof that ghosts exist and that hallucinations are behind most of the so called sightings. everything scientific says the existence of spooks is not possible.

Still I cannot cross a graveyard at night and I hate being alone in a house at night.

I'm one of those unfortunent people who are paranoid and who tend to see things that aren't there.

My nightmares are horrifying.

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  • You aren't paranoid.
    My father used to see spirits from he was a child. I can hear spirits. My mother and younger brother are psychic. My older brother see's spirits as well.

  • You may be suffering from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Get your home checked out.

  • View your fear as the person you hate. When fear confronts you, kill it. It worked for me.

  • It's mental you think and put that in your mind it will stay they're ! Relax breathe and take deep breaths

  • Buy a torch?

  • Poor person. I wish you all the best for sorting yourself out.

  • Try to find the root of your fear instead of feeling a victim of it. If you are one of those people who have a hard time with self instrospection or meditating seek professional help or somebody with more self awareness than you

  • I see a psychiatrist once a month. I am supposed to be taking three medications but they make me feel so bad I only take one to help me sleep.

  • Medication is bullshit, the cause of the problem is emotional not chemical, they just fix everything with drugs in the US. Look... you are the master of your own body, you dont have to take medication bullshit if you dont want to, but at the same time you have to take or want to take control of your own body and your own emotions. If you have the mentality of a victim you wont be able to do it which makes my initial advise still the same, but when I say "professional" help I dont mean a psychiatrist with his bullshit drugs

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