I like to gently run a comb up and down my wrist. Don't know why, it just soothes me.

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  • Eh. That's not a bad thing. At least you're not cutting and trying to pass it off as "the only way to relieve the paaaaain", like so many attention-starved emo kids do.

  • I've done the same with either my hot older sister's long nails (when they'd break, I'd steal one time, I had a small, chain-sized box of them), or, hard, plastic fake nails. Same reason..I found it relaxing, and a bit sexual.

  • Try asmr on YouTube similar to what you feel when rubbing a comb

  • Calming strategies ahh. I like to wet myself. So socially unacceptable. Whenever I think I might be going to end up in a stressful situation I will wear an adult diaper. If I get stressed out and I mean feeling like I am going to vomit, feel shaky and so on, I just relax and pee myself. I feel disgusted just writing this. So weird.

  • These things are interesting and also interesting is how did you discover it.

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