Made to climax in public

I am 30 years old and last week my newish boyfriend kissed me and then took down my knickers just as we were about to leave the house. I was wearing a really really short denim shirt dress. He said he really wanted me to go out like that and so I agreed, thinking we were going to go for a meal in a restaurant so it might be fun. Anyway, turns out he had a different plan - he suggested sitting and having a drink on the grass in a local park. As we lay there we started kissing. It was really nice and I was enjoying it. Then he gently started running his hand up my leg higher and higher and then gently pushed my legs open. I could feel I was being exposed to others in the park - it was evening though so mainly just adults around. With his tongue in my mouth he started fingering me and I started to feel myself beginning to climax. I didn’t know what to do - it was so hot and I was getting more and more turned on. After a few minutes I knew I was going to come - I tried so hard not to but he pushed my legs further and further apart and that just made it worse! I feel wet all in my crotch and down my leg and he still kept fingering me. I couldn’t help it after a bit longer and came - truly amazing o***** but felt so crazy. I didn’t dare look around to see who had had been watching!!

Aug 3, 2021

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  • Oh my! My boyfriend went even further today!! Last night we were in bed and he tied me to the bed frame, which I have found out he really likes and I get really turned on too. As I was sucking his c*** he was slightly forcing it into my mouth and then running it round my face. I felt really desperate to have him c** in me - mouth or v***** I didn’t really mind I just wanted him suddenly so badly. When I said that to him he asked what would I do to earn it. So I said “anything”! Anyway he said I had to wear a butt plug and no knickers under my shortest skirt all day today. So I went into work like this and now I’m getting hornier and wetter!! I’ve just been helping one of the other girls with some filing and she saw up my skirt and said “that’s so dirty” but then gave a knowing smile so I think she was actually okay with it?! I had to say something as this is driving me wild and I don’t know how much more I can take!!!!!!!! Seriously this is such a turn on!!!!! Girls - would you remove the butt plug as I think that is making me feel like coming all the time???!

  • V v hot Would have loved to have been there looking at you getting wet!!

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