I'm worried I look too prideful. I'm worried I'm too quiet. I'm worried I'll hqve no friends when I grow up. True friends I mean. I'm worried that besides my family, no one would ever truly like or love me. I'm worried I won't live up to expectations and not succeed. I don't want to disappoint.
I'm scared that if or when my parents pass away, I'll have no one to depend on. If only a little bit.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't me.

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  • You think too much :) Everything will work itself out. Dont put yourself under unecessary pressure please. Life is beautiful. Be grateful for what you have now and take care to be friends with people who will care when you are gone and miss you when you are not around but know that at times friends sometimes will let you down one way or another,its just human nature. They might forget to call or even remember your birthday but the most important things is that they are there in the toughest situations with you.

  • Don't worry too much the more you worry yourself and overthink the more negative you'll become in anything you do been there done that! Be positive go out meet people think about your future in reference to something amazing for example think of a career you want for yourself a job a hobby to get your mo d off things stay positive and jet God paint the art for you

  • Try to stop worrying, and leave it up to God. As they say, leave it in God's hands, besides when you do , everything usually falls into good very good place..

  • Yeah life is fragile that's for sure. I'll most likely be dead in 3 months....kidney failure...no s***! F****** me lol un f****** real. I can't believe I'm still alive, f***** dialysis, constant pain. I'm 26 I have so many regrets. Point is I have done a lot of bad, nothing like rape or murder but still bad. KARMA, dude on my f****** life it's real. To some degree it is real and when I'm gone guess what will happen. Lol nothing literally, you will finish school, marry someone, etc. The world will always revolve. I'll be forgotten and someone new will be born. I am at peace. Be someone important

  • We never know what life holds. But the day may come when your family will look to you as the patriarch or matriarch who holds the wisdom and speaks the experience of your household. You never know.

  • Live in the moment.
    Love the one your with.
    Stay cool.
    The world is made by those who turn up.

  • I know like lots of only children without parents and they are doing fine. Don't care about impressing others (unless it's a job interview). Be true to your heart, choose wisely, and someday you'll be the head of your own family. Don't worry so much, life is for the young; Adulthood is all about working, and appreciating your days off ;)
    Try to do good in school!

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