oh dear.

I still think about my ex boyfriend.
i talk to him even though my new boyfriend forbids it.
sometimes, i just wish i could go back in time or maybe just give us a second shot.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • or maybe you could give my mum a shot? she lives in a nice cottage.

  • ^Yes! Stop being a little s***!

  • if you want your old boyfriend more than your current one...

    get back with your old boyfriend.

  • first off its not fair to pull your current bf along. u have to decide what or who you want because someones heart is going to get broken if you keep this up. but second off you have to decide if u really like u old bf or if u just think you do. theres always the possibility hat you do but it could just be old flames or a thought that you do. you would hate it if u broke it off with ur current bf and realized u didnt like ur old bf. so think long and hard about it then take action because the hole can only get deeper. i would know.

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