I can't take anymore. I'm giving up. Listen, I've fought for my life ever since I was 7. Eight years later, that battle isn't over. I wish all of my 30+ suicide attempts have succeeded. You told me to keep going. You were my best friend. But now you don't care anymore. You think that life without me would be much more pleasant than calling me your friend.

I'm going to give up. I can't fight my suicidal depression any longer. I'm all alone and there's nobody else I can depend on. I hate myself. I hate who I've become. I hate everything that I've done. I'm not worth the money it costs to raise me. I'm not who everybody else thinks I am, and there's no reason why I should still be living. I've tried to live, but I failed. I want to die.

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  • So hey drama queen, are ya dead yet? Lol

  • If I am your friends I will knock the sense out of you. Life is like a game, you lose it reply again. If you're tired, rest the play again. Suicide was never an answer but it will make you look like a total loser. Everyone will think that this comment will be rude but I'm not the person who will stroke and pet your ego, because i know the more I've comforte you, you will never realize your mistake and will ask for more attention. You said that you don't want to live anymore, have you realize that there are someone who was dying wanted to live more longer? Don't lose to them, fight them. Peace!

  • You are worth much more than money! someone in this world needs you - you just haven't met them yet. Find something that you really enjoy in the meantime. Best of luck to you!

  • Yep, been there. Russian roulette, 45 didn't go off. Huge round topic, I would get checked out for depression and anxiety

  • Sorry to hear that. Depression is tough. So tough. I know.

    Probably not the best time to make big decisions though.

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