I am sad

I feel like there should be a category for just "life". Yes, that is how much I think too much - on an anonymous website, invited to pour your heart out, I still worry, will I do it right? Will people judge? Will people think I am stupid? Will anyone care? Probably not, probably no one will ever even read this . . . Is there someone out there pretending this is anonymous, just waiting to make it public? To make fun of me? To make me realize what a j*** I really am and how much I deserve to feel less than everyone else. . . Because really, that happens - it happens everyday. . .

I put this under family and friends,, because, what difference does it make? Seriously. I want to anonymously tell you everything and nothing. Sadly, I am no kid. . . I am old and beaten and tired and I know no one cares . . . I am sad. I know no one will ever read this but me, but still, I said it, maybe it means something - I'm sad - I am just so sad.

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  • Live in the moment. Thinking about the past and you end up thinking blame or missed opportunities. Worry about the future just makes you worried. Just live in the moment.

  • Don't be sad kitty

  • Don't isolate, push yourself to do new things, and love those around you that are loyal. Remember money will never bring happiness but will help finically, and love yourself before others

  • So true^. In order to have a good friend, you have to BE a good friend. Start with that, even if it's not reciprocated, and see where it leads. It may take some time, but it will be time well spent. Allow yourself to enjoy the blessing of doing good for others, even if you receive nothing in return. Eventually, the two will balance out. Best wishes.

  • Go out and do good. You'll feel better!

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