Im haveing an affair with my best friends girlfriend

So my friends girlfriend recently started act differentley around me and while my friend was at work should would often ask if i would take her out to do things. At first it was harmless we where just to friends share some good times, but befor i knew i felt my self slowly fall for her. I was so confused i felt ashamed of my feelings because my friend has always been there for me threw thick and thin we where more like brothers and i was betraying him. I tried to resist but we just felt happier together and then one night we where hanging out haveing a few beers and smokeing a little herbs and my friends ride fell threw and he couldnt come pick her up since it was late i told her she could stay because it was far to late for her to walk. Before we knew it we where tearing eachothers close of and embraceing every inch of eachother. Ever since then my friend has acted different around me i think in his heart he knows i dont know what to do should we tell him and risk destorying our friendship or should i let things take there course?

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  • Nice try. You are a child trolling. Any adult knows that the word "I" is capitalized.

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