My Gay friends, are turning me into their babygirl.

I don't know where to begin. Im a Tgirl( trans) and I like to party. I work hard and play hard. I have these 2 friends who, are a couple. They are 2 very muscular Gay men. One has dark hair and dark features the other is blond,tanned and tall. I met them about 2 years ago. Im single, so Im a bit of a 3rd wheel. We make an attractive trio. Im 5ft 7, mixed, and curvy . We've partied many times together, which secretly is my favorite part of the night, but recently things have become a more intimate on both parts. Last weekend we partied, and I went home with them, we did MDMA. We were really vibeing, before I knew it. We were in bed together and we were talking about kids, The guys confessed to me that they were denied the babygirl they wanted. They paid a surrogate , but she had a change of heart. I reacted, by blurtting out" Im sowwy Daddy" I dont know what came over me. The next thing I know this couple started to respond to me in Baby talk. " Your such a good girl, for your Daddies aren't you" I melted I sat, on the dark haired hunks lap. He started to craddle me, I felt so safe. The blond left the room and cane back with a paci , blanky and toys. This was nuts, but awesome. Then the be all end all ... the blond put me on my back, and gave me a bottle. They cooed to me, and they were happy. For the rest of Sunday I was their Babygirl. Since then, they have both called me to check in, on me. Im really looking forward to see what happens this weekend.

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  • Don't do drugs kids

  • This was seriously wierd. No comment!

  • How stupid. Being gay is one thing but acting stupid like this is another.

  • Live, and let live.

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