I did time in prison for robbery

I was caught robbing a store with a toy but realistic looking gun. I was arrested, tried and convicted of robbery and I was sentenced to twenty years in prison but a chance for parole after serving five years.

Prison sucked but I did the time with not that great a hassle but there was a guy whose life became h***.

He was a skinny black man who had raped his eight year old daughter.

I saw him getting beaten on a regular basis. His eyes were black and his lips were swollen shut. One day he was attacked by several inmates who raped him with a mop handle and shoved his face into a toilet filled with urine and feces. He would have drowned had a guard not rescued him.

He spent the rest of his sentence in protective custody.

I myself was never molested. No one raped me, robbed me or hit me. I did five years and was put on parole for fifteen.

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  • I dont believe n prison i think robbers and even rapists should b hanged

  • Idiotic ass!!

  • The punishment should fit the crime, fool!!!
    Robbery doesn't warrant a death sentence. However, manslaughter, rape and murder in the first degree, does!!

  • That man got only a small taste of what he deserved for what he did to a child

  • Not just any child, but his own child!!!

  • Sorry on all counts

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