I let my friend touch my wife

Last night we had a bunch of people over and ended up with some of us in the hot tub, By the end of the night my wife was passed out in a lounge chair on the deck and just me and my best friend were left sitting in the hot tub, everyone else was gone home, We were pretty drunk and I know he has always thought my wife was hot, He looked over at her and said "Geez, you are a lucky man", We laughed and I decided I should put her to bed, I dried off and picked her up, He opened the door for me and I noticed her was staring at her as I passed him, He opened the bedroom door for me and I laid her on the bed in her bikini, I looked at him and said I should change her out of her bikini, He said "I'll go mix some more drinks", I said "Haven't you ever wanted to see her naked?", He stopped and chuckled saying "Well...Um...Of course", I said "Now's your chance", He looked at me and said "really?", I reached over and slid my hand behind her back, I untied her top and peeled it over her head, She has had a couple kids but I think she still has half decent b****, not big but decent, He stepped closer and looked down at her saying "Holy crap, those ARE nice", I stepped past him and pulled her bottoms off and he looked down, he looked at her p**** then stepped over by her knees, I took her one foot and spread her legs, He looked at me and laughed then shook his head and said "Man...That is perfect, How did you get so lucky", I just chuckled and said "Feel her b****, they are actually halfway decent", He looked at me and I motioned toward her, He reached down and squeezed one saying "Yeah, for sure, Very nice...You should see my wifes, nothing like this", I stood there and let him massage them for about a minute and then said "Feel how soft her p**** is", He slid his hand down and cupped her p****, I watched as he rubbed it a bit then slipped one finger in while still playing with her b*** with the other hand, As he did my wife moaned, Slapped his hand away and rolled over, He froze with his eyes wide, I just giggled quietly, He leaned down and looked at her bum, I motioned toward it and he looked at her then gently cupped one cheek massaging it softly, He looked at me and whispered "Wow, so firm", He reached down with the other hand and spread her cheeks, He rubbed her p**** from behind with her ass cheeks spread and slipped one finger in her, She pulled away and slapped at his hand again, She grabbed the covers pulling them over her and we snuck out of the room.
We mixed a couple more drinks and he showed me a couple pictures on his phone of his wifes b*** and he is right, Although still a very pretty girl her b**** did not do well with having kids, We laughed and talked about how he had always wondered if she looked as good with her clothes off as she did with them on and how he thought she looked better now than she did in college when we met her.
He caught a cab home and I went to bed, This morning I banged my wife and she never mentioned anything about, Just asked how she got to bed.

Aug 6, 2016

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  • Your wife had to put on an act by slapping your friend away from her, because you were there. She is shy and does not want you to see how h**** she really is when you are not around. I have no doubt that she has already been f****** your friend secretly. Let them enjoy their sexuality, it will make your s** life better with her!

  • I’ve caught my bosses son touching my wife at a concert one night. Every once in a while she would try and move away but it was so obvious she was liking it. There was even a time he grabbed her hand and put on his bulge
    My wife still likes to pretend she can still be young. She 42 still attractive and fit
    I know under the right circumstances she would’ve allowed him to f*** her. A little bit of alcohol and she’s a totally different person and seems to forget what she did the previous night
    One night the subject of b**** came up
    It was her friend and her husband she showed them her t*** and her friend said wow Mike I bet you’d love to touch them and he said of course
    She moved closer so he could . I bet if I wasn’t there they both would have f***** her

  • So basically you facilitated a sexual assault on your wife…. class act! your job is to protect her not allow her to be assaulted. smh

  • Excellent do you wish he had done more? Should have got him to j******* over her.

  • You obviously don't love your wife. Just terrible behavior.

  • You are a piece of excretion

  • I did this to mine and have shared her a few times with my buddy and his his 19 yr old son, was great, want to try it again, live in reno

  • If she was passed out, drunk. It’s called Rape! My wife would kill both men for fondling and penetrating her. While she was unaware. F***** up story!

  • I wish I could be so lucky

  • That is a very good story, and i can believe it happened. Me and my buddie did the same thing to my wife. Believe me i know it can happen for real.

  • Nice story

  • Any other stories like this ?

  • She is older now but would be willing to set her up again for the right person

  • Nice, I have drugged mine and invited a friend of McKesson over, he was 17 at the time, let him play with her all nite

  • I KNOW this is WAY more common then we think. It has happened to me and most of my female friends. Most times we pretend we don't remember, MOSTLY because we don't want to deal with it afterwards

  • It’s nice of you ladies to let it ride

  • I'm male and tell people it is very common. I personally like a conscious partner.

  • If this is real it isn't good. S** acts are only for married people. Please watch this video about what God wants

  • I think sharing and sharing alike is good

  • How do you know god didn't like what he saw lol

  • And yet your God condones slavery, rape(adult and child ), polygamy and the slaughtering of fetuses

  • And on what high moral ground do you stem from?
    God does not condone slavery but servitude which meant "employment", a modern word (added to the English language late 1820s) not yet coined when originally translated into English (late 1520s). Nor did He ever condone rape but held those who committed rape accountable. And when He walked the earth He, God-Christ-Jesus made it very clear that marriage is suppose to be between one man and one woman.
    But none of this matters to you. You'd have to first get with God and accept his gift of salvation and then lovingly and gleefully call Him your Lord and Master! Then and only then will you be able to understand the rest of the scriptures... until that happens in your spirit, you will always be an outsider looking in without comprehension!
    Be well,
    Let's Keep America Great, and
    Merry Christmas! (Dec 2019)

  • I don’t think God meant for people to get drunk and pass out but if they should be ready for whatever happens

  • Shut up your a dork .God had no idea what happened that night with them stay off if it offends you

  • Oh, my god, not a f****** hypocritical evangelical Groper Bonespurs supporter!

  • I notice you cared a lot more about making "god-bothering MAGAT" noises than addressing the issues posted. Ignore inquiry and double down on the toddlerlike squalling, that's the way of stupid people. In my world, you'd have the life expectancy of a chocolate coffee pot. And before you start up with the 'persecuted Christian' routine, you feel the exact same way about everyone who isn't just like you, so shuddit.

    America's F***** Because of People Like You, and
    Goddess Bless! (I had a great Hanukkah, thanks for asking)

  • Of course you did you degeneracy pushing parasite

  • The more intelligent among us are more concerned that that God seems to condone wars in Its name and rampaging hypocrisy. But hey, keep playing that "oh noooo, the fetuses" tune, there's always a mouth-breather or two ready to dance to it.

  • Is the writer writing a grade 8 composition?
    Perhaps a theme.........?

  • He is a really lucky man

  • A man's impotency is not a problem when the woman prefer toys. The problem is when your wife is the woman and her friend's husband is the impotent man.

  • Wish I was your friend I would have loved to see your beautiful wife's ass and if you would have let me touch I would have touch her beautiful ass

  • Afterwards i hope you told him to wash his hands or people would think he runs a fish shop

  • Yeah and your wife let her friend cup your b****...get over yourself man! Try different sites when you lie about stories like this...

  • You're just jealous cause you didn't get any.

  • Anyone that disses Trump is a dumb head!

  • Anyone who likes Trump does not know what a con man Trump has always been.

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