I let my friend touch my wife

Last night we had a bunch of people over and ended up with some of us in the hot tub, By the end of the night my wife was passed out in a lounge chair on the deck and just me and my best friend were left sitting in the hot tub, everyone else was gone home, We were pretty drunk and I know he has always thought my wife was hot, He looked over at her and said "Geez, you are a lucky man", We laughed and I decided I should put her to bed, I dried off and picked her up, He opened the door for me and I noticed her was staring at her as I passed him, He opened the bedroom door for me and I laid her on the bed in her bikini, I looked at him and said I should change her out of her bikini, He said "I'll go mix some more drinks", I said "Haven't you ever wanted to see her naked?", He stopped and chuckled saying "Well...Um...Of course", I said "Now's your chance", He looked at me and said "really?", I reached over and slid my hand behind her back, I untied her top and peeled it over her head, She has had a couple kids but I think she still has half decent b****, not big but decent, He stepped closer and looked down at her saying "Holy crap, those ARE nice", I stepped past him and pulled her bottoms off and he looked down, he looked at her p**** then stepped over by her knees, I took her one foot and spread her legs, He looked at me and laughed then shook his head and said "Man...That is perfect, How did you get so lucky", I just chuckled and said "Feel her b****, they are actually halfway decent", He looked at me and I motioned toward her, He reached down and squeezed one saying "Yeah, for sure, Very nice...You should see my wifes, nothing like this", I stood there and let him massage them for about a minute and then said "Feel how soft her p**** is", He slid his hand down and cupped her p****, I watched as he rubbed it a bit then slipped one finger in while still playing with her b*** with the other hand, As he did my wife moaned, Slapped his hand away and rolled over, He froze with his eyes wide, I just giggled quietly, He leaned down and looked at her bum, I motioned toward it and he looked at her then gently cupped one cheek massaging it softly, He looked at me and whispered "Wow, so firm", He reached down with the other hand and spread her cheeks, He rubbed her p**** from behind with her ass cheeks spread and slipped one finger in her, She pulled away and slapped at his hand again, She grabbed the covers pulling them over her and we snuck out of the room.
We mixed a couple more drinks and he showed me a couple pictures on his phone of his wifes b*** and he is right, Although still a very pretty girl her b**** did not do well with having kids, We laughed and talked about how he had always wondered if she looked as good with her clothes off as she did with them on and how he thought she looked better now than she did in college when we met her.
He caught a cab home and I went to bed, This morning I banged my wife and she never mentioned anything about, Just asked how she got to bed.

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  • A man's impotency is not a problem when the woman prefer toys. The problem is when your wife is the woman and her friend's husband is the impotent man.

  • Wish I was your friend I would have loved to see your beautiful wife's ass and if you would have let me touch I would have touch her beautiful ass

  • Afterwards i hope you told him to wash his hands or people would think he runs a fish shop

  • Yeah and your wife let her friend cup your b****...get over yourself man! Try different sites when you lie about stories like this...

  • You're just jealous cause you didn't get any.

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