Gave my cousin some

I was texting my cousin the other day and she mentioned last winter, We had gone away with both of our families on a vacation and her and I were the only two who would go on a roller coaster, We got in and buckled up, She is tall for a girl and has really big b**** but only had on a bikini top and a tank top over it.
We were going around a corner and I looked over, Her left b*** was completely out and flopping around, I started laughing and she was so paralyzed with fear that she couldn't even let go of the bars long enough to tuck it back in, I kept looking at her b*** the whole time and the roller coaster came into the station screeching to a halt, I looked over at her and felt kinda bad, She was shaking and her great big b*** was hanging out jiggling as she shook and tried to let go of the bars.
I looked around and my dad was staring straight at her big b*** and about 20 other people as well, The guy running it lifted her bar and her mom had to help her out of the coaster and she never got her great big b*** tucked back in until she was sitting on a bench then her mom tucked it in for her. She was super embarrassed all day about how scared she was and about everyone there seeing her b***, The next day me and her were hanging out on the beach for hours when she stopped, Looked at me and said "Dude...I'm your cousin...Stop staring at my b****, Gawd, You've been staring all day", I said "Sorry, They are amazing", She turned beet red and said "Ewww, Don't tell me that", I said "Why, You don't want to know that you have nice b****?", She said "No, I don't want to know that you have seen them", I said "Well, Technically I have only seen one of them but...They're way nicer than your moms", She looked at me and I said "Uh...I mean...Ya know" and she said "You seen my mom's? When?".
I told her about a time probably 6 months earlier when they were at our house and I walked by the basement window sneaking back into the house and she was standing in the bedroom topless, She said "Oh my gawd...You perv", I laughed and said "Not like I was trying to see them and it was literally for like 3 seconds", A little while later we were hanging out and she told her mom she was going to the pool and her mom told her not alone, I said I would go with her and we headed from the beach to the pool. We were just wading around and one of her nips was just peeking out the top of her bikini and I was staring, So was another older guy that was there. She looked at me and then down and fixed her top saying "Holy man...Stop already", I jokingly told her about the other guy watching her and she turned her back to him, I told her she should pull her nip out and show it to him and she said "What's wrong with you?", I laughed and she said "If I show them to you will you stop staring?", I nodded and we snuck up to their room.
We went out to the balcony and looked to make sure everyone was still on the beach, We went back inside and she put a chair by the patio doors so she could keep an eye on the beach and set one straight across from it, We both sat down and she looked away, Untied her top and let it go, I sat staring, Huge, Hanging, Big areolae or whatever, Big inverted nips. I said "Holy crap", she looked down and then at me, I said "Can I feel one", She shook her head no and I said "Please", She looked out at the beach and said "Fine", She looked away and I stood up, Whipped my pants down and cupped her giant left b***, I was massaging it and jerking at the same time and she looked at me, Said "Oh gawd" and looked away and I came on her b***, The side of her neck and the side of her face, She said "Ow, Not so hard" and pried my hand off her b***.
The next day we snuck to their room again and She jerked me off, The next day I fingered her and the last day of our trip I wanted to bang her but she said no and told me that was a line we were not going to cross, Instead she sucked me and then I licked her as she sat back in the arm chair with her legs spread and we each had our first o***** with another person, Since then I now have a girlfriend and she has a boyfriend but I will always remember watching my cousin swallow my load.


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  • Yall r dripy S*** FACES

  • I was 14 and my cousin was 8 . We sat in the back seat on a long trip, she had her head in my lap , and was kissing my d*** through my pants . I should have put it in her mouth ! I'm older now , way older , AIN'T ever happened since ! Bang your cousin , DON'T GET CAUGHT !

  • I've f***** my 1st cousin like 9 times. We were both 44 years old and loved every minute of it. Only thing we didn't do was a*** but we explored everything else. Best s** I ever had.

  • Cousin s** is the best s** I ever had.

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